Shelves and racks in the interior of the kitchen in a vintage style


Many people love the modern minimalist setting, so they try to keep various items and culinary accessories in cabinets and drawers.

However, recently an extremely popular and interesting design direction is the implementation of vintage village style with numerous jars, spices, ceramic dishes and various culinary adaptations on the table top. This solution is mainly used by the owners of small houses with small kitchens, as they do not have enough space in drawers and shelves to store these items.

Kitchen in fusion style

Decorate the home decor with original vintage shelves and shelves with jars of spices and seasonings. These elements will bring the charm of the old world into the atmosphere, and will also fill the atmosphere with incredible comfort and warmth.

Furnishings from tumbleweed and

An eclectic combination of decorative and functional elements on this kitchen top perfectly emphasizes the taste of the owner of the cottage. A charming stand for cutlery, a fruit bowl, a photo frame and jars give the atmosphere an incredibly attractive and creative look.

Pay attention to the decoration shown in the following photo. A small room was decorated with old home appliances and an original wooden shelving with glass inserts and unmatched fittings. Laconic metal jars perfectly complement this space.

A masterpiece from Sethbennphoto

Vintage kitchen sets will be especially attractive and creative to look in combination with open shelves and niches, on which you can perfectly place plates, ceramic products and other utensils.

Decor in the Mediterranean style from Hann Builders

Simple glass jars can help aesthetically and elegantly fill the empty space between the upper and lower cabinets of designer furniture. Fill these containers with cereals or other bulk foods that will always be at your fingertips.

Decoration from Lucy Interior Design

You can supplement the minimalist design of the interior with bright and expressive elements and accessories that are kept in a saturated color palette. In this example, the designer used the kettle, mugs and bottles in the salad color scheme to decorate the kitchen area. They brought a cheerful mood and a special charm to the atmosphere.

Project from Jodi Feinhor-Dennis

This perfect little kitchen was decorated with stunning open shelves, which in rows take up the wall surface. A large number of glass jars, containers with spices and seasonings, as well as niches with wooden doors visually transform the unusual house and give it high functionality.

Design by Schwartz and Architecture

A lone line of containers located at the top of the furniture set, perfectly transforms the decoration of the kitchen area. They not only perfectly complement the minimalist interior of this room, but also bring brightness and expressiveness to the atmosphere.

Kitchen from Bunker Workshop

We presented to your attention a delightful selection of table top design options using numerous culinary accessories, accessories and utensils that can radically transform the appearance of the apartments and fill the interior with incredible charm and rustic charm.

And did you like these decor ideas for the house? Share your opinion with us in the comments to the article .

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