Several ideas for the correct organization of retractable kitchen boxes – storage of cutlery


If you are familiar with the problem of storing cutlery, if the special dividers for the boxes do not help keep the silverware in order, the spoons all the time "slip" to the knives, and forks generally occur in all trays in a row, then this publication is for you.

Instead of sorting and spreading out the cutlery from the dishwasher every time, try one of these solutions to always keep order and system in a box for silverware.

One of the ideas for storing cutlery, which you see in the picture, is to store the spoon-forks vertically in special stands or pretty ceramic cups.

Surely most of you use the same devices every day. Using this storage option, you can always keep on hand everyday devices for fast table layout.

An excellent solution will be a special two-level cutlery holder, which is inserted into the kitchen box.

In the upper part you put everyday spoons and forks, which you use often. At the bottom, festive appliances will be kept for family celebrations or the arrival of guests.

Such a box helps keep the cutlery accessories clean and saves space.

You can choose the holder for the size of your kitchen cabinets. And this plastic model of the holder is not only comfortable and stylish, but not at all expensive.

It is much easier to take care of such furniture fittings, it can be easily and quickly washed and dried.

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