Selecting the color of the kitchen: placing the accents to create a joyful interior


The selection of the color of the kitchen solves many issues not only of the interior design, but also the creation of a zone of emotional comfort for all members of the family. Those who happened to survive the invasion of green, like avocados, and gold as a wheat field, household appliances in the 70-ies, well remember what toy-bright and interesting were the kitchen appliances at that time. In 80, people began to take an interest in white refrigerators and plates, and sometimes to black ones, and 90-e became the epoch of household appliances made of stainless steel, the fashion for which does not disappear from the stage in our days.

True, in the following years, designers began to increasingly offer to hide kitchen assistants for furniture facades. And this trend has affected not only the large household appliances – refrigerators, washing machines and dishwashers, but the smallest devices, including toasters and coffee makers, have found their place in the composition of the sets. Furniture manufacturers enthusiastically accepted this challenge, finding in it the opportunity to increase their sales in the sector of individual projects. As you know, the fashion develops cyclically, and right now the moment has come when household appliances of bright colors again appeared in favor with designers.

But if then, in the distant 70-ies of the last century, only a few enterprises produced color technology, today each more or less large manufacturer considers it their duty to offer customers retro-style products. Lou Lenzi, director of industrial design at GE Appliances, shared with us several theories as to why bright household appliances could so easily return to our lives.

"While stainless steel is still popular, we are also developing a phenomenon that can be called" stainless fatigue. " This is a feeling that consumers have because they have to constantly wash off fingerprints and dirt from steel surfaces, "he says.

"We need a rest from the technogenic environment. Cheerful color scheme of the room, as a rule, helps us not to notice the obsessive presence of various devices, without which we no longer think of our life, "continues Lou Lenzi.

A decade ago it was rather difficult to find a non-exclusive option that would cost a little less than a small car: similar goods were imported from Europe and the USA, where color technology and bright decor elements were used everywhere.

Today, there are a lot of available products, and soon it will be possible to transform the refrigerator with a color door as easily as you change the panel on your iPhone. Here are various ways to add paints to the interior by using the appropriate technique: familiarize yourself with them and decide if your kitchen needs an injection-charging color.

Shake the interior with a unique color

Several experts in the field of design drew attention to cobalt blue long before it became popular in the fashion world. Architect Jean Verbridge, in response to the customers' statement that they do not want to have a kitchen that looks like everyone else, decided to bet on a stunning sky-blue tile and supplement it with an original hood. As a result, a composition appeared in the center of this charming kitchen, which with confidence can be called a focal one.

If you still intend to use stainless steel appliances in the interior, additional accents from the same material and colored electrical appliances like hoods will help to link all its components together.

Plate – Bluestar (48 in., RNB series), extractor – Pro-Line.

Retro-plate of soft blue color (AlisonKandler Interior Design)

Create a Focus Center

Some designers constantly turn to color solutions. "I try to use plates of bright colors wherever possible," says interior designer Alison Kendler. "I think that this interpretation of the hearth, which is in any kitchen, should be the focus of attention." In the beach cottage in the photo above, the pleasant blue of the plate sets the tone to a whole rather bizarre environment.

Add French elegance

The La Cornue plates, one of which, in the color of the Jaguar Burgundy, shown here, were created to commemorate the development of a new gas supply technology in Paris in 1908. The company produces not only beautifully executed colored plates, but also appropriate furniture, with which you can form a "seamless" image. This approach contributes to the visual expansion of compact spaces.

Simplicity and elegance in the French style (KATE JOHNS AIA)

In the case of this kitchen (pictured above), architect Kate Jones used additional furniture components from La Cornue to make the design not look too homogeneous. Neighboring elements can not be called contrasting, but the feeling of complete merging when looking at this interior does not arise.

"I was in love with the enchantment of French enamel, how much I can remember," says Rebecca Zaveloff, chief designer at KitchenLab and a fellow at Houzz magazine. "I'm not a fan of stainless steel, and when it comes to slabs and hoods, I really prefer varieties with colored enamel, but the most difficult is to decide on the shade!" Designing a home kitchen design for the famous confectioner Alia Baylor, she used the blue hue of the plate in as a keynote, duplicating it in the floor decor and the hood cap.

Stove and hood one shade

Zaveloff likes to compose various metal components and place them in a colored environment. In this kitchen, the intrigue is created by elements made of copper. "I also welcome the addition of a small amount of brass – for heat", – sums up the author of the project.

Stove – BlueStar, extractor – Bonanza, Prizer.

ПYou will decorate the kitchen with the cosiness of country cottages

Aga is a company whose name is usually associated with cozy American kitchens, and the stove in the photo is one of the characteristic samples of the famous brand's products. The kitchen, located in a country cottage in the US state of Maine, demonstrates a mix of classical Scandinavian design, British vintage and traditional style. The plate fits perfectly into the image.

The enchanting freshness of turquoise in the design of the kitchen stove (WhittenArchitects)

Make your kitchen fashionable with home appliances

In addition to European companies, known for their bright plates, there are also American companies that offer consumers a huge range of shades. BlueStar is a manufacturer that has been working with an expressive palette for many years. The assortment of the brand includes high-quality plates more than 70 colors. The color of this year according to the version of AD Home Design Show is a "shining orchid".

Incredibly beautiful slab of fashionable shade "shining orchid" (BlueStar)

Experiment with color combinations

In this country house, the interior of the kitchen was designed by designer Christina Crestin, and it was she who created a combination of greenish-yellow cabinets with a touch of mint syrup, which is painted with a stove and extractor from Viking. The combination of fresh and inspiring colors fits perfectly into the overall design and emphasizes its organic character.

The original example of combining colors (Kristina Crestin)

Viking is an American manufacturer that has allocated commercial properties to residential kitchens. It offers a wide range of colors for all machinery. By the way, the shade of avocado also returns to the scene, but under a new name – wasabi!

Paint for cabinets – La Fonda Olive, Valspar, cooker and hood – Viking, shade of MintJulep.

Choose the color in the tone of the cabinets or apron

BlueStar offers buyers to choose the color for their future plates. At your order the device will be covered with powder paint of any shade at your discretion. The exact color selection will allow the plate to completely merge with the surroundings. "People feel more comfortable participating in the design of such significant kitchen components," says Michelle Zelman of BlueStar.

Brilliant steel facades and elegant apron (plate – BlueStar)

Zelman shares useful advice with those who want only to play lightly with color in the kitchen interior: "There is a way to only slightly dilute the expressive colors of space – pay attention to the handles that can be very bright."

Decide for a sharp contrast

The center of the kitchen interior, demonstrated in the next photo, is certainly the impressive bright red plate from Viking. It spectacularly stands out against the backdrop of the cabinets of a muffled gray hue.

A sharp contrast between gray and rich red (Odenza Homes Ltd)

Stove – Viking, paint for cabinets – CL3175, General Paint.

Choose a bright technique in retro style

The trend of using bright colors extends not only to the plates. Orion Creamer was one of the first entrepreneurs to catch the fashion for bright technique in the US. After discovering the limited instruments presented at the KBIS exhibition, Creamer organized his own company together with his uncle Tom Vernon. Initially, he was looking for a retro-style refrigerator for his beach cottage, and not finding the right one, he thought about the opportunity to fill a vacant niche in the US market and make money on it.

Bright kitchen in retro style (Mercury Mosaics and Tile)

Together they designed a delightful model in a nostalgic design and gave it the name Big Chill Fridge. They offered the following shade options: beach blue, yellow-rimmed yellow, cherry-red, jadeite green and pink lemonade, and each of them attracted everyone's attention.

The standard palette of Big Chill includes eight colors, including black and white, and at the request of customers, the company colors the acquired devices in any of more than 200 attractive colors.

Gently pink and pale turquoise in the kitchen design with a Big Chill refrigerator

The model of the refrigerator in the retro style from Big Chill (Mina Brinkey)

"The number of customers wishing to order a color for their future refrigerator is steadily growing," Creamer says. "Everyone wants his kitchen to be unique, and our customers are no exception, and many people come to us and say that they have never seen household appliances of such colors before.

Modern household appliances from Big Chill now includes, in addition to refrigerators, stoves, dishwashers and washing machines.

Gas stove and extractor from Big Chill (Meredith Ericksen)

СMesh and combine components with different finishes

The curtains do not have to be the same shade with the walls, and in the same way the stove may not match the color scheme with the dishwasher. Sometimes it is more appropriate to focus on the combination of one of the instruments with an apron. You can also link the elements together with individual parts, such as handles, for example.

"There are many types of buyers. Some want complete immersion in color, while others only need a light touch of bright colors, "notes Lenzi from GE. "All our developments are based on the understanding that not everyone can afford the total transformation of the kitchen, that is, the acquisition of all devices at once."

A plate with cobalt-colored handles (David Sharff Architect, PC)

Above is shown an economical way of adding bright colors to the interior: in the saturated cobalt color, plate handles and other small objects are held.

An example for those who prefer to be careful with bright colors (Young'sAppliances)

Look closely at the gray-blue hue

If you are not ready for a fiery-orange or bright-turquoise, but are still interested in an alternative to standard stainless steel and finish in white or black colors, take a closer look at the gray-blue hue. This is a more restrained and modern option. "Gray-blue is simple and universal," says Lenzi. This decor looks cool, of course, and on the semi-matt surfaces there are fewer marks left from the hands. A couple of years ago, the gray-blue tint was very popular, especially in relation to the design of refrigerators.

Another delightful sample from BlueStar (Rebekah Zaveloff | KirchenLab)

Inspired by images of food and spices when choosing flowers

GE is always trying to predict what colors will be in demand among consumers in the future, and for this it appeals for help to Internet users. The development of the magnificent Artistry series is already under completion, and the company actively collects information about the preferences of homeowners.

Inspired by appetizing images of food products, designers began to introduce color solutions, prototypes of which can be found in any kitchen: ginger, lime, cinnamon, red paprika, eggplant, blue glaze and lemon.

Color paprika in the design of household appliances from GE (Artistry Series)

You do not have to completely change all the equipment, so that your kitchen becomes fashionable

"The gray-blue color of the technique or one of those shades that are presented in the updated Artistry series will allow you to mix and match the interior components at your discretion, and also provide a wonderful opportunity – to replace only one device in order to get the most expressive image," says Lenzi.

Sometimes this can be difficult, because the purchase of household appliances requires a lot of investment. Fortunately, there is good news about the available color changes in the future. Lenzi and his team are working on a series of panels of juicy and "tasty" shades for various electrical appliances, including even smartphones. "This approach will provide our customers the opportunity to change the decor of kitchen appliances for many years."

Dilute the whiteness of your kitchen with a light green tint (Artistry Series)

"I would say that about 50% of our customers right now choose plates with colored enamel coating. This is a huge increase compared to the previous years. "

We are glad to welcome you on our kitchen design portal! Welcome to the world of professional design.

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