Royal chic in the finish of the kitchen: nekuchnye interiors with purple accents


The use of violet shades in the kitchen space is a bold choice for lovers and cooks, and design, which says that this part of the house deserves no less attention than the living room. The rather unusual scale makes the interior refined and a little dreamy, being one of the fashion trends of recent years. This color also stimulates imagination and insight.

In combination with suitable materials and accessories, it will easily give elegance and individual look to any room. Below are the original examples of the design of the kitchen, which, perhaps, inspire you to change in the familiar surroundings.

Lockers and apron

Purple and gloss look great with headsets in the style of modern minimalism. It may seem that these elegant nightstands are afraid of dirt, but in fact, plastic coatings are very easy to keep clean. There is some special chic in these perfectly smooth, mirror-like surfaces, rushing up.

This color is very strong. It looks good against the backdrop of black in the ultramodern interior or white – for a more elegant, feminine design. However, a light green or turquoise accent in small details will not conflict with the dominant tinge.

Decoration under the tree gives the dominant tone a softer nuance. This is a topical technique, since purple psychologists often characterize as overwhelming, associated with reflexion and even depression. Dark purple and black in the interior of the kitchen, gives her a somewhat gothic look.

Lavender and lilac are also interesting nuances of this color. They are perceived as relaxing, calm and tuning to a lyrical mood. If you have chosen this range for the kitchen and dining room in the house, it is important to pay attention to the lighting.

It is better to use simple geometric shapes, sparkling glass and crystal chandeliers in a simple, simple execution. Purple perfectly complements the transparent and shiny accessories or decor elements.

Kitchen island with glass doors

Walls of lilac color and bright accent

Elegance with charm

The neighborhood of the mirrored violet surfaces with their industrial appearance and lockers from natural rough wood can also become an interesting option in an eclectic manner that has not been out of fashion for already a year.

Combination with natural materials

Purple color can fit in a more classic interior. If the form of monochrome modular furniture is already boring, try adding a few bright details. Thanks to them, the room will play in a new way. To refresh the image of the room in this way, you can even do it yourself, simply by purchasing a suitable paint.

The mosaic or matt tile of these extraordinary shades will look stylish and at the same time cozy, especially next to elements made of wood.

Fashionable look with respect to traditions

Elegance and elegance are distinguished by the combination of purple and marble. These pretentious textures are best used for minimalist furnishings to avoid a too pompous look.

Admixture of plum shade

If you carefully consider the selection of materials, the violet can be intricately combined without the overwhelming effect. For example, in this dining room there are stainless steel parts, a bare brick, a bright kitchen island and accents of decorative utensils.

This whimsical, eccentric, delicate, poetic, and sometimes imperious color can be surprisingly versatile. He will undoubtedly make your refectory unique and inviting.

Such a rack will add fashionable chic

In the material used works: Increation, Celia James, XTC Design Incorporated / Nathalie Vingot Mei, PotteryBarn, WA design, John Lum Architecture, Momoko Morton

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