Revolutionary design idea for kitchen storage systems – rationally use the base!


The furniture base often becomes a missed construction. And this has its justifications: it is almost on the floor and serves only to have our feet had a place when we work on the table tops and high cabinets. However, in the kitchen, in the bathroom and in other rooms there are many places where you can make this space effective.

Therefore, you should take the time to think about a very useful thing – a drawer. Here are some interesting tips on how to equip a furniture base with the benefit. We hope that some of them will interest readers.

The space under the feet, as a rule, is 7-10 cm in height. This gives freedom to your feet while you are standing at the counter. But 7 cm under the cabinet is simply idle, and a hard-to-reach space for cleaning is created.

However, such a place should not remain unoccupied. Storage systems for kitchens with additional drawers are the ideal use of this forgotten space.

They are great for wide and flat objects. For example, for festive dishes, which you do not use every day.

Or for a ladders, which you use very rarely, only to reach the top cabinets.

In a box of toe-kick (kick with a foot), you can also store your pet's food if it is overeating voraciously. How can you visualize the area of ​​the drawers toe-kick?

Create a classic look by selecting the appropriate furniture, avoiding the visual gap between the cabinets and the floor (especially the kitchen looks good with the wooden floors shown in the picture).

For the rich traditional interior stylistics Add the legs to the cabinet facade to give the built-in modules a more impressive look.

Modern kitchen set With stainless steel under your feet it will perfectly match with stainless steel appliances. At your feet now will be only fashionable design boxes.

You can use the backlight from the bottom as a hint and reminder. Or make a beautiful tile in this place – both options look good in the dark the color scheme of the room, adding lively space.

Backlight can be used not only for cabinets. The glowing plinth of furniture looks great in the room in combination with other modern LED light sources. For example, in a ceiling niche.

To make the place toe-kick invisible, try painting it in black or use a dark material.

Or use a mirror coating. This will give the impression that your cabinets float on the surface.

Want to use a different place for the legs? Try a modern built-in vacuum cleaner – pneumatic suction. You can incorporate a hidden suction port into the base of the cabinet. Crumbs and dust will disappear without your efforts!

The thermal convector built into the baseboard of the furniture will create a comfortable atmosphere during a meal or a banquet in the corner for eating. All guests will appreciate your efforts to create comfort. Even if they have no idea that your socle has such a design.

We are glad to welcome you on our kitchen design portal! Welcome to the world of professional design.

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