Return to the origins or how to create a rustic kitchen interior


Small windows with wooden frames are covered with neat curtains

The interior of the kitchen in the rustic style is becoming more popular every year. It's understandable: fashion comes and goes. In the nineties the owners of houses strove for clear lines and simple forms, monotonous premises, like factories.

Now modern kitchens with polished surfaces and tidy shelves recede into the background. Their place is occupied by "natural" interiors in a rustic and vintage style, a bit shabby and much more cozy.

The delightful design from Marchi Cucine is an example of how you can taste your kitchen with a taste, without resorting to tricky tricks.

Classic wooden lockers and tiled floors – a real kitchen interior in a rustic style

Everything in this kitchen reminds us of Southern France: every detail conveys the sounds, taste and magic of the sunny summer evenings of Provence.

In this peasant house you can fall in love literally at first sight! But do not be deceived: this small kitchen with marble countertops, wallpaper on the walls and wooden lockers is equipped with all the modern appliances needed for comfortable work in the kitchen.

A perfect hybrid of modern amenities and French charm will give you an extra reason to spend time with your family and enjoy the charming atmosphere of the house together.

The dishes are hung on the carnations hammered into the wall

Day light falls from the windows in the ceiling

Small side drawers store cutlery

Through the grilles on the walls the lush green of the trees breaks

The oven is practically not standing out against the background of marble walls and light cupboards

Small tile squares, gilded corners and pastel wall tones create a pleasant atmosphere and let in enough light to emphasize the beauty of the kitchen.

The hood is covered with engraving, and the solar patterns of the wallpaper clearly demonstrate the seriousness with which the interior designers approached their mission.

The combination of dark and light colors with beige and yellow perfectly conveys the spirit of the Provence and as if they take you back to happy, carefree childhood days!

The play of light and shadow sets the enchanting atmosphere of the house

The shelf is suspended even to the hood

On the whole apartment are placed pots with indoor plants

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