Renovation of the interior in the old house – bold re-planning of the kitchen in a modern style


Often, reflecting on the redevelopment of the kitchen in the house, we are looking for real examples and photographs of how others have coped with it. They cause more trust and truly inspire.

Today we will virtually go to one of the old houses in the historic district of Capitol Hill in Seattl's. What is remarkable about this building? To begin with, let's say that the building is more than a hundred years old. And that's why it deserves attention. There is in it some kind of charm of a solid age.

But that's bad luck! In such a wonderful home, a gloomy, closed kitchen from all sides. What to do? What if the space is enough only for a mini fridge? The solution to this problem was found by Sarah Henry of Gaspar's.

While maintaining the main features of the original appearance of the house was a small reconstruction. As a result, the kitchen has increased to the dimensions of 30×30 meters. And Sarah boldly added to this area modern conveniences.

Removing the rear wall, the designer combined the kitchen with the dining room. There was enough space to supply a large and roomy Liebherr refrigerator. Bar counter on the border of the kitchen and dining area – simultaneously uniting and separating element.

The basis for the countertop is made of richlite – a modern, durable material, partly composed of recycled paper. Such furniture brought a bright color accent and enlivened the space.

Owners of the house, of course, wanted to see a functional room – spacious and comfortable. In accordance with the requests of the customer was selected furniture for the kitchen. The cabinet at full height of the wall is installed in such a way as to increase the useful area and simultaneously to merge into a single space two zones – the kitchen and the dining room. Among the many necessary shelves and shelves, there was a place for a small collection of cookbooks. As they say, everything is provided and is at hand.

The selected finishing materials are pleasing to the eye and are quite harmless. The floor covering of Marmoleum, which was used by Sarah, has an exclusively natural composition. As the main used black color, and bright yellow stripes add to the style of the interior freshness and rainbow mood.

Open shelves, instead of the usual cabinets, visually unloaded space. There was a feeling of ease. On the left of the fume hood, designers have arranged enough space for various culinary condiments. Everything is located very conveniently, because the comfort of the customer for the authors of the project is above all.

In the corner near the window, the collection of ceramic dishes, which the owners of the house are so proud of, harmoniously blended in with. Of course, open shelves require additional efforts to ensure that such an exhibition retains an aesthetic appearance, but after all, the effect is obvious.

Tiles from Daltile, which are lined with walls, in combination with a stainless steel apron form a classical plinth around the working area. The coating is quite durable and comfortable in the sense that it protects the kitchen surfaces from all sorts of dirt. And this is another nuance, which was specially taken care of by Sarah.

storage cabinet: Rejuvenation Hardware

A small cabinet under the sink allows you to store there various necessary trifles. The refractory clay sink from Rohl adds an elegant touch to the overall concept of the home galley and refreshes the room with its whiteness. An unusual mixer brings a zest to the interior and is a bright element that attracts attention.

Built-in furniture is located in a semicircle, partially capturing the dining room space. This move allowed to enter the kitchen in the overall interior of the house. The installation of a slate magnetic board added convenience. Now all members of the family have the opportunity to leave messages to each other.

Industrial lighting with different levels above the working area does not look heavy and fits perfectly into the home atmosphere. Especially cozy it seems in the evening.

This is the modern kitchen design of a respectable house. A bold layout, a combination of modern natural materials, bright accents and functionality are characteristics of the space of the 21st century.

We are glad to welcome you on our kitchen design portal! Welcome to the world of professional design.

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