Relaxing and stylish interior of the living room in a house on the coast


The stylish interior of the living room contains all shades of the ocean coast

The stylish interior of the living room is the main highlight of this house on the ocean, where an elderly couple lives. To create such a relaxing environment, designers had to dismantle some walls and ceiling ceilings.

Heat and coziness in the interior adds a hand-woven rug in Tibetan style that covers a practical oak laminate. The carpet is designed in the same calming color scheme as the whole interior, inspired by the landscape of the ocean coast.

A comfortable modular sofa can accommodate the whole family, including adult children and grandchildren of the owners of the house. Standing separately rotating armchair, covered with short-cropped artificial fur of steel color, – an additional seat for sitting.

Custom-made cabinets, as if hovering over the floor, are equipped with interesting doors made of white walnut with a relief cubic ornament. Rack partition, behind the sofa separates the living room from the entrance area.

Custom low cabinet and screened screen

Spouses are very proud of the Spanish LED light, hanging from the four-meter ceiling. He brings a touch of intimacy to the situation. One wall – accentuated – is painted in a soft blue color. It harmonizes with the landscape and adds depth to the interior, and also emphasizes the unusual vaulted ceiling shape.

Contrasting blue wall and a multi-level lamp under the ceiling

The sofa is covered with a strong linen cloth of light blue color, which on closer examination turns out to be composed of interlaced threads of different shades. The presence of sofa cushions muffled "stone" tones adds coziness. A simple but elegant tray on the coffee table, made of oak and metal, is brought from Argentina.

Spacious and cozy sofa

The coffee table is a plate, mounted on an iron base and covered with a linen material of a cream shade.

Original, atmospheric details on the coffee table

Two vases of light blue and dark blue glass made in Germany, according to texture, resemble pebbles that can be found on the ocean.

Shimmering glitter of ocean depths, two unusual vases

The original interior of this living room can not leave anyone indifferent. Share this article with your friends and see for yourself.

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