Refrigerators and gas stoves in retro style in eclectic kitchen interiors


Do not be afraid to experiment with bright colors

Recently, more and more popular among homeowners are buying refrigerators and gas stoves in retro style. They are able to give a stylish look and special charm to any kitchen.

With retro technology you can "return" your kitchen to 60 or 30-s. The elegance of a bygone era can be reflected in the details of the decor.

It is desirable that large household appliances were in the same color range

White-colored vintage furniture will add a special charm to the room

It is better to use warm colors for the kitchen

In the middle of the 20 century metal furniture was very popular in the kitchen. So it was supposed by sanitary norms, and many were simply concerned about the cleanliness of the house.

Glossy surface and bold bright color

In the kitchen you can combine modern and old technique

Black and white colors give the kitchen a classic elegance

Ancient kitchen furniture and appliances fascinated many. The room with such an interior looks amazing.

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