Red kitchen (105 photo in the interior). A combination of bright colors in the kitchen.


According to the designers, there are no flowers that do not fit in the interior design. Considering an upscale portfolio with this one is hard to argue. In some cases of absolutely incompatible colors, color palettes are successfully selected.

At first glance, it may seem to many that the red color in the interior is "poisonous", despite this it is included in interior compositions and is well combined with different colors. It is used in the bathroom, bedroom or hallway rooms. Of all the rooms in your house, the kitchen will look most original in red. Since the shades of red have a special feature to focus on themselves, it will certainly be beautiful and super-modern. A similar color can turn cheap furniture into a beautiful and attractive one.

The presence of this color in the interior positively influences the improvement of working capacity and the expansive mood of people. This will be the best option for the hostess who spends more time cooking. Undoubtedly, this kind of cuisine will also please the family members. Gathering at the table after a difficult day of work, this color scheme will not be superfluous.

Bright interior and rules of its formation

Having decided with personal wishes to the formation of the red kitchen design, it is necessary to remember that it will be unique and fashionable if one observes the sense of color measure and its quantity. Such a kitchen will actually be a highlight in the interior of your house. If the area of ​​the kitchen is small it is better to refrain from a lot of red. In the worst case, there may be the impression of "pressure", and discomfort. It is necessary to focus on the spacious kitchen. It is preferable to add a pair of bright red stripes that will be combined with the neutral color of the curtains and give the design an unusual harmony.

How to choose a color scheme for a red kitchen

To get a unique design, carefully consider the color combination. The correct option would be to counterbalance the riot of red with cool neutral tones. For large surfaces such as walls or furniture facades, it is logical to use colors of dark red, purple or Burgundian colors. Do not combine blue, green or yellow colors, it will form a dull atmosphere. Quite successful, there will be a combination with soft bed colors.

  • The saturated color palette of the kitchen will require an attentive approach. Therefore, it is important to consider all the details without exception.

    The following options will be attractive:

    • Combination of red decorative objects with red wallpaper.
    • Reddish wine set in combination with a monogram on the facade.
    • Excellent fit combination of red floor and light kitchen apron.
    • An excellent combination will be bright red decor elements with red furniture.
    • Red walls with facades of lemon, light brown, cream or white tones.

    Techniques for accentuating expressive cuisine

    You can dilute an attractive tablecloth in white camomile-like table and cover chairs with similar covers. Then in your kitchen will always be warmth and summer.

  • Furniture for a red kitchen

    To furnish a unique kitchen, it is necessary according to the established rules:

    1. The set must be made of MDF material.

    2. The coating should be made of plastic or veneer.

  • 3. The curved facades will look great.

    For the purpose of saving furniture options, systems assembled from chipboard are assumed.

    If you started a kitchen in high-tech style, then this is the ideal idea. Completely enough to decorate in colorful colors 1 or 2 walls, in this style the kitchen will become a symbol of cheerfulness and self-affirmation.

    No matter which kitchen you choose, the main part will be the presence of the facade. Which is covered with different shades of red enamel or varnished. Especially effective will look matte and glossy surface. To give elegance, designers often include the metallic color of a reddish shade in the design.

    If you wanted to update the design of the headset, but there is neither the time nor the opportunity, it will suit photo printing. Here it is possible to glue facades with various drawings. It can be fruit or flowers, the main thing is to choose the optimal theme in reddish tones. There are no restrictions, the main thing is that the selected image would please your eye.

    Kitchens of red flowers – for and against

    Specialists in psychology are unanimous – the red tone activates blood circulation, gives bright emotions, awakens appetite and sexual desire. However, an excess of red, leads to fatigue and discontent.

    Who and why can not be comfortable in the red kitchen?

    – This color is not suitable for hypertensive patients, it can lead to increased pressure.

    – It will also increase tension to people who regularly come in tense situations and get tired at work.

    – This color is the catalyst of hunger, so it's not worth using thin people.

    – The reason for the rejection of red color will be a hot and stuffy room. The abundance of a rich tone will only increase the feeling of stuffiness and baking. And if you do not intend to change the decision in purchasing a red kitchen, then an air conditioner will be an excellent option.

    – If the area of ​​the kitchen is small, then it is necessary to apply facades of neutral tones. Red will further narrow the space, and can provoke a lack of air.

    The red color looks impressive, but it is complex in combination with other bright colors.

    Power engineering of this interior is ready to stand only strong people. A large amount of mass shades can convey a fairly wide range of feelings and moods. And in what room you can find so many associates of red, like in the kitchen.

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