Red color kitchen – an interesting solution that will give the interior originality and dynamics


Red color in the kitchen – a challenge to yourself and others! To select the kitchens of red tones follows people who are always in a great mood, and their health and stress resistance can only be envied.

Red is definitely a beautiful color, it's not for nothing that both these words were synonymous. But, despite all its attractiveness, this color is very temperamental and even aggressive at the psychological level.

It easily excites the central nervous system, causes the blood to run faster through the vessels, thereby increasing pressure and making the emotions brighter. In addition, red helps increase appetite.

Given such an active effect on humans, this shade should be diluted with neutral colors, such as white, gray or beige. They will help mitigate the overall impact on the person.

Designers are not advised to excessively get involved in red when creating an interior. Do not fill them with everything that surrounds you. Indeed, given its intense influence, you can start to quickly get tired and easily annoyed.

Thus, using this color as the main background is definitely not worth it. Truly red should be used in design very carefully and in small portions. But its shades, such as cherry, pomegranate, burgundy will look much more advantageous.


Kitchen red tones in the interior – it's always fashionable and fresh. Today, designers offer a wide range of shades of this color. It is very important to choose the right option, which will suit your taste and harmoniously fit into your overall style.

The color palette of red is very rich and includes a rich variety of tones. This coral, pink, pomegranate, ashberry, wine and many others.


The most successful solution is a combination of juicy red facades of kitchen furniture and light neutral shades of walls and flooring. White, light gray and beige are the most successful color of the walls in this case.

If the kitchen furniture has wooden elements, then they should be light colors.

There is and is actively used a complex and bold way of introducing red color into the kitchen interior – using it as a background. However, designers unanimously warn that in this case the space will visually become smaller in size.

Therefore, it will be rational to create a red background in kitchens, the area of ​​which allows this to be done without damage. In addition, you should competently approach the choice of tone. You need to choose from warm, slightly even faded shades, and bright saturated red and scarlet tone definitely will not do.

In the interior, a curious technique is often used: one of the walls, usually the one where the headset is located, is highlighted with a juicy red color. In this case, the facades of furniture should be neutral light colors. In this case, the bright color will be partially neutralized due to the color of the cabinets of the headset. Such a decision will undoubtedly add a touch to your interior.

In the kitchen of light neutral colors, aprons of red color, better than bright and saturated, will look beautiful and harmonious. They can be lined with ceramic tiles or made of glass. Recognized classics of the style of the kitchen is a combination of a white table top and a red apron from a decorative stone.

To the kitchen, executed in red tones, the style of hi-tech and even techno is perfect. Steel elements, characteristic for these styles, will perfectly match, for example, with a deep wine tint. If the facades of your kitchen have such a color, an apron and household appliances (refrigerator, microwave oven, extractor, oven) made of stainless steel will look very impressive against this background.

Very successful will be the decision to combine the kitchen façade of black with a red apron. But black here is preferably used in a matte version. By the same scheme, you can draw, for example, only a bar counter. This will give a bright accent to your interior.

Allow yourself to use the red color in the interior can not everyone, because it requires certain costs. And if you do not plan to hire a designer, then you need to have special knowledge. Nevertheless, everyone can dilute their interior in this way, giving the kitchen some accents. This dishes, curtains, accessories. Correctly picking up the details, you will give your room optimism and dynamism.

A kitchen of red color is always bright and stylish in any apartment. If you still can not decide on such a cardinal innovation, try adding a little bit of this color to your apartment. Kitchen appliances, chairs, towels, even a container for spices or a decorative plate will instantly change the overall appearance and create a different impression of the kitchen.

Especially new colors of your kitchen will add curtains of any shades from the palette of red. You will be pleasantly surprised at how the interior will be transformed. In addition, it does not require significant costs.

Do you still doubt if you want to decorate the kitchen in red tones? Do not be afraid of this color – this is the favorite color of energetic people with an active lifestyle. The color that makes you develop and reach new heights. Color that raises the mood on a rainy day.

We are glad to welcome you on our kitchen design portal! Welcome to the world of professional design.

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