Red and white bedroom – ideal for a stormy celebration of St. Valentine's Day


Bedroom in red and white color

Despite the fact that most of our readers meet with the similar only in glossy magazines devoted to interior design, we are sure that there will certainly be those of you who will dare to embody this bold decision in your own bedchamber. After all, what could be better than a juicy and cheerful private room, from which it literally blows chic and style?

Although the bedroom depicted in the photo above, contains in its interior only scarlet and white elements, they are so flawlessly intertwined that it seems that you are in the royal chambers. All the rest here would be superfluous.

In order to create something like this, it takes a lot of effort and imagination. Try to imagine how this luxurious pair of armchairs will look in the bedroom of your dreams, how perfectly it will fit into a thoughtful interior. Have you imagined it? Juicy pomegranate color gives them a unique character, gives a complete picture of the room and charges it with incredible energy.

Unusual combination of red and white

This version of the combination of red and white does not quite match our usual idea of ​​such. Nevertheless, it helps to broaden the horizons and creates new canons.

Through a sudden burst of color and unique samples of textiles involved in this interior, the author demonstrates his vision of a design solution that has become quite traditional lately. A crimson blanket, a gradient carpet and a couple of charming lamps bring enough purple accents to the setting of the ivory room.

As in the previous project developed by Savio & Ravio, the choice of gray color here as the main background is due to the desire to show new ways of using red in the interior. The best way to implement this idea is to use city apartments and lofts.

The design project is executed by Danziger Design Inc

Everyone dreams of a stylish and at the same time comfortable bedroom. Dreaming of a place in which it is sweet to sleep at night, it is pleasant to wake up in the mornings and you can luxuriate in bed in the weekend for a long time.

Developing the design of this room, the designers have clearly moved away from the modern approach. However, "out-of-date" does not mean "bad." Quite the contrary, this bedroom only benefited from this. Thanks to a wonderful tapestry with an ethnic pattern on a stylish black-red bed, she gained some personality, or even more correctly, a soul.

And since we have started talking about ethnic prints, let's discuss the following very interesting project. First of all, the view falls on the original bedside table in the Asian style, as well as the handmade pedigree carpet on the floor.

We have learned that artists, and designers themselves, by their creative nature, simply adore enriching the interiors of their homes with all sorts of elements of a particular culture. So, most likely, we were lucky to look into the "holy of holies" of one of the representatives of American bohemia. One can only guess who this Mr. H. is.

Brave modernity

How much a woman does not try to suppress the inclinations of Marie Antoinette, this side of the person breaks out at least once in a lifetime. And a man at such times should be ready for any, even the most unexpected surprises from his blessed.

No, this does not mean that it will certainly go into all serious, begin to weave the intrigues or, even worse, interfere in the state policy of the country. Just at some point a woman may well want to pamper yourself, for example, here is such a luxurious bedroom in the French style. To struggle with sudden impulses of the wife it is useless.

The best thing a husband can do is to help his second half strengthen confidence, that she is a queen, and therefore more than worthy of such apartments. Believe me, dear men, then you will be rewarded for this!

One of the canons of interior design says that if you prefer pure monochrome walls, you should focus on windows, dressing them in smart curtains or curtains. Only then will the image of your room be complete. In such cases, red velvet or silk curtains are very interesting.

They give elegance and dignity to the laconic interior.

cr_img href = »red-white-bedrooms-02.jpg» alt = »Black accents in the white-red bedroom» text = »»]

The black and white interior, diluted with a few purple-red accents – that's what we call ideal "scenery" for a romantic evening with a sequel. It remains to add to its relevant attributes, such as wine, candles, strawberries with cream and muted music. It's a classic of the genre, a win-win version, adored by women at all times.

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