Rainbow decoration of the bedroom for the girl – bright interior of the children's room


The room of a little girl in a mansion owned by Done Hanekom (Don Hanekom), originally had a simple and aesthetically unattractive decoration with beige walls and minimalist furniture set.

The hostess wanted to form a bright and cheerful space for her six-year-old daughter Mia, giving the child the opportunity to play and fantasize, and also to enjoy rest and study in a fascinating and magnetic environment.

The development and implementation of creative design was done by the talented Emily Hutchinson (Emily Hutchinson), who managed to create an amazing atmosphere for the teenager.

The room with a total area of ​​11 square meters had a simple and concise layout. For its registration, the master picked up a rich smoky shade palette with creative elements that give the room an incredible expressiveness and drama.

The interior design was sustained in a creative and incomparable style with iridescent shades. For facing the walls, a rich dark gray color scheme was used, which is an ideal background for demonstrating bright decorations and decorative elements.

This room is not like a stereotypical nursery, which gives it incredible authenticity and originality. At the same time, the floor surface was lined with light textured wood, filling the atmosphere with unlimited warmth and comfort.

The furniture set was chosen for the project multifunctional and versatile. It has a light performance, due to which it contrasts superbly on a saturated dark smoky background. The bed was supplemented by bright pads, sustained in the girl's favorite shades: pink, turquoise and gray. At the head of the bed is a bookcase on which books, accessories and toys of the little princess are on display.

The choice of colors for the walls was the most difficult task. Because the specialist used a lot of colorful decorative elements, paintings and photographs.

As the furniture is mostly light-colored, this has given the interior freshness and incredible charm. The working area was equipped with a practical table and a mobile chair with a plastic construction. A small wooden shelf makes it possible to arrange basic decorations and stationery.

A bright garland was hung on the wall at the head of the bed.

A large number of drawers and niches in the furniture headset make it possible to arrange bedding, blankets and clothes in a practical way.

Above the desk, the specialist arranged a colorful collage in the form of a heart with bright and expressive photos of relatives and family members who give the girl warm memories and emotions. The legs of the headset were painted in a saturated sapphire shade, which is in perfect harmony with a bucket for pens and pencils.

Doll house – another cunning project that makes the bedroom special. The owner of the apartment made him a gift for her daughter on her fourth birthday, but Miya found him earlier and decided to help her finish the project.

Pay attention to the magnificent and amazing performance of this creative product.

The windows were decorated with translucent curtains with a light ornament. They enable the sun's rays to freely enter the room and fill the interior with incredible radiance and magnetism.

The bedroom design from the Emily Hutchinson specialist in the Australian metropolis of Perth is a stunning and creative creative masterpiece.

Excellent location in an unusual house, fascinating design, steeped in amazing and unmatched stylistics, a rich coloring palette and colorful accessories in the decor, as well as functional and practical furnishing attracts close attention and public interest.

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What a wonderful decision to use colorful decorative elements on the walls of a muted dark shade. A collage of photos in the form of a heart, pictures, a bright garland at the head of the bed create a holistic image. And what a beautiful doll house! What else is needed for a little princess? The master did a great job!

The doll house is simply delicious, it seems to me that every girl dreams of this. I really liked the solution with the color of the walls, now the girl will have scope for creativity and she can add interesting elements to her in the decor of the room and make her more individual. Elegant design solution!

I think this girl is more than satisfied, because this is not a room, but the dream of every girl, to have her space, despite the small room, the designers were able to put everything in it and at the same time leave the child a place to play! I'm delighted with the room, no less than her mistress!

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