Purple suite – an unusual variant of decorating the children's room for two-teen girls


Visitors to the Interiors Portal Rooms know that the room in which teenage girls live will not be boring.

This is known to the designer who offered his vision of the design of the teen room.

The area of ​​the room is only 20 m2, but here you can see high-grade sleeping places, working areas for each girl, which are united by one style.

A very interesting solution was chosen for this room.

Sofas, playing the role of a sleeping place, as if hung in the air. They are covered with dark soft velvet.

And the closet is almost invisible to the unaided eye, because it completely drowns in the wall.

The shape of the tables and chairs is quite original – a cube located on the floor.

The main color of the room is white. In this color the floor and a ceiling, and also an external surface of sofas are executed.

The wall behind which the cabinet is located is also white, but contains an accent spot in the form of a TV.

Particular attention is attracted to the saturated purple velvet, which makes it the main element of the interior.

The room for teenage girls is divided into two parts.

As a separator, suspended light fixtures are used, the lampshades for which are manually connected.

It is this decorative element that gives the room a special comfort.

The visual increase in the ceiling height in the girls' room was possible thanks to the use of spotlights.

The designer made and "suspended" in the air by choosing the same color for their box and ceiling.

Since the room is designed for two tenants, the space is absolutely symmetrical.

Each girl's sofa, wardrobe and work area is no different from each other.

However, both residents can simultaneously use the central part of the storage system.

The ideal location for the work area is the area near the window. The project's author replaced the window sill with a countertop made of corian, and the battery found its place behind the MDF sheet.

On the windows are roller blinds, which correspond to the main color gamut and are protected from burnout.

For greater visual expansion of the space, the surface between the sofas and the window is completely mirror-like.

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Very good article! I was recently a teenager and I remember how I wanted to have a nice and cozy room. I really liked this idea. It's a bit strange and I did not understand the first photo from the photo, but when I understood it, I managed to catch the idea. Economical and cozy, voluminous and interesting text, beautiful and unusual pictures. I recommend to read it!

A good combination of colors, just for girls who feel older. And I would not have noticed the closet, exactly, if I had not read about its existence. An excellent idea of ​​designers.

Very original solution of the room – a combination of dark purple velvet and white walls. Furniture is also very interesting in its execution, especially the original look squares-chairs. Bright pads add liveliness to the room.

Everything is so plush and soft, which goes in contrast with the whitish white color, which ripples a little in the eyes. I would certainly like white color to be more "soft" than chosen for this bedroom. But in general, everything turned out beautifully and modernly, just what girls-teenagers need.

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