Purple girls room. Design and Decor Ideas

The purple girls room is an excellent alternative to boring pink. Therefore, if you do not want to decorate the girl’s room in a rich pink color, but do not want to see a cool blue interior design, then you should pay attention to the purple palette. Not many people know that the purple palette was formed by mixing two radically different shades – blue and red, which is why this tone turned out so deep and mysterious, it seems cool and warming at the same time, which makes it even more attractive.

Purple Variations

  • Violet Red;
  • Plum;
  • Bright purple;
  • Eggplant;
  • Amethyst;
  • Fuchsia;
  • Lavender;
  • Lilac.

What colors go with purple:

  1. White;
  2. Gray;
  3. Brown;
  4. Beige;
  5. Pink;
  6. Green;
  7. Pale yellow;
  8. Terracotta;
  9. Black.

The perception of the purple palette.

Purple is inspiring, noble, artistic, and domineering. At the same time, different half-tones can be perceived in different ways, for example, a rich purple tone will give the room a share of luxury, a dark plum tree looks very expensive and noble, lavender looks tender and romantic. By the way, a bright purple tone in the room for girl will tend to sleep and generally reduce performance, so if the child’s room is used exclusively as a room for sleeping, you should take a closer look at this color, but if the child plays and learns in the room, then attention to the light lavender shade.

Decoration purple girls room.

№1. Dark walls. The basis for the walls can take a dark purple tone, light laminate flooring, and a white ceiling. In this case, the furniture should be light. Otherwise, you risk overloading the room with a dark palette.

Dark walls in purple girls room

№ 2. Light walls. Against the background of lavender walls, luxurious purple furniture will look great, and to create a romantic image; you can look at white furniture. If the choice fell on the white walls, the furniture is better to take a brighter – purple.

Light walls in purple girls room

№3. Combined light and dark walls. At the moment, this color ratio is prevalent, so for example, it’s better to highlight a training area with light beige or white wallpaper, a sleeping area with dark purple wallpaper, and a play area with luminous lavender canvases of wallpaper.

Combined light and dark walls in purple girls room

№4. Purple accessories only. Such a girls room is made in any light color, for example white, beige or gray, well, in purple tone accessories are selected – curtains, bedspreads, floor carpet, etc.

Purple accessories for room for girl

Purple room decor for girls.

The following saturated purple accessories are ideal for a girls room made in a bright palette:

  • Curtains;
  • Bed linen;
  • Bedspread;
  • Floor carpet;
  • Mirror frame;
  • Photo Frames;
  • Wall shelves;
  • Bedside sconce;
  • Chandelier.

But ideally, it is better to supplement any room with combined accessories (a few purple details, a few companion tones), so the purple girls room will seem harmonious, moderately bright, but at the same time stylish and logical-complete.

purple room for girl

The purple baby room will surely please any girl, primarily if you work through the decorative part and take care of the presence of different zones (sleeping, play, and study). This interior looks bright, fresh, gentle, romantic at the same time, and is an excellent alternative to a pink girls room.

General recommendations for the use of purple.

Designers recommend to consider the following features when you make a nursery:

  • When finishing, use no more than three colors to make the interior look harmonious.
  • Dark shades visually make the room smaller, therefore not recommended in small rooms.
  • One wall painted in bright purple creates an accent and does not require additional, that would not overload the room.
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