Purple color in the bathroom interior


The bathroom is the place where a person can relax and feel as good as possible. This affects several factors: from the size of the room and the bathroom, to the level of lighting, interior decoration, and no less important – the color of the walls and furniture inside the room.

The choice of colors when creating the design of a future bathroom, of course, is of great importance. The variety of modern building and paint materials can help to realize almost any idea of ​​the owners of the room for bathing. Today, one of the most interesting and modern designs of bathrooms is performed in purple and its shades. This color has a variety of meanings. They designate intellect, reason, humility, old age. In general, in calm shades, this color denotes maturity and worldly wisdom. But overly quiet shades of purple, on the contrary, denote mourning and nostalgia.

What affects the color

The bathroom is generally not large in size. The correct selection of the bathroom and furniture can increase the working area of ​​the room, and the right color visually make the room larger than it actually is. Colors such as black, dark blue, as scientists prove, visually reduce the room, and white, yellow and purple colors – on the contrary – make the room more visually.

For example, in this photo we see how white color together in purple affect the visual perception of the bathroom. The white bathroom, the ceiling, the floor and the walls make the room a beautiful recreation area, where everyday troubles can not get. The fireplace, which fits very well in the interior of the bathroom, is remarkable for its violet color, emphasizing the visual center of the room. On the contrary – practically in the center of the room there is a bathroom. The fireplace fits well into the interior, like a small table and niche for pleasant little things, including candles that can bring the bathroom to the right atmosphere.

On the example of this room you can see the embodiment of the male bathroom. Designers stressed the color of the metal, the dark texture of the furniture "masculinity" of the owner. If the first photo of the bathroom, which would be more suited to a woman, then on the second – undoubtedly, a bathroom man. Purple color is the color of courage, daring interior solutions.

The selection of color in the bathroom can dramatically change the appearance of the room. If you slightly reduce the tone of violet, making it more pale, you can "soften" the interior of the room.

Violet color, according to psychologists, helps to calm in stressful situations. And cream shades look in the bathroom most habitually and serve as a good contrast for another color. In this case – purple.

Location of furniture and lighting

On the example of this bathroom, you can emphasize the correct placement of a large number of furniture in a small area of ​​the room. It should be noted that the black color of the chest, which in the opinion of psychologists acts depressingly on humans, combined with the purple color slightly reduces the effect of this color on perception. But nevertheless, a few out of the general interior.

Violet color, psychologists believe, consider the color of people developed harmoniously. This color emphasizes the maturity of people.

Dark shades, in this case a dark purple color can also be used to create a bathroom. In this case, it is very important to correctly place the accents: mirrors, light. Correctly exposed light will give the room an incredibly modern look. And the use of two shades of violet can divide the bathroom into several different zones.

The design of the bathroom can be monochrome, using shades of the same color. In this case, you can take no more than three shades. Traditionally, it is pastel, medium and saturated for emphasis on anything. In these photos we see the successful use of no more than three shades.

Or, as in this case, in general, a monochrome bathroom is emphasized by three accents: an armchair, a chandelier and a table for colors of dark brown color. Adding an extra color, one could introduce a discord in the design of the room, which strongly influenced the psychological influence on the one who took the bathroom. It would irritate people's perception.

In this example, you can see that experiments with shades and colors can sometimes be superfluous. Two weakly expressed shades give this bathroom a special tenderness and warmth. Although psychologists believe that an overabundance of purple, especially pale purple can cause calm, even apathy and melancholy. This shade contributes to sensitivity.

Bathroom in dark violet shades unambiguously calms and creates an atmosphere of security. Particularly well against the background of dark purple shades looks snow-white bathroom and other interior items.

Successfully a color solution for the bathroom, which is well lit by two large windows. Light violet shade is remarkably diluted with white inserts on the floor and ceiling.

Color Solutions

This example also shows how successfully the right accents for the bathroom interior can be used. On the entrance line there is a dark violet door, a sofa and a curbstone. All this conditionally divides the bathroom into different zones. Creating a smooth transition from the worker to the recreation area with relaxing, almost pale purple, white hues.

Contrast colors that are used in the interior, psychologically stimulate the body. They excite perception. Nevertheless, in the second photo, different colors emphasize the transition from one zone to another. Although the line between these zones is emphasized only by the color scheme of the floor and the wall. The glass wall does not divide the room, but on the contrary helps to create a smooth transition.

Purple is something unusual and bold. Dark shades of this color confirm the originality of the owner of this interior.

The violet color has many shades, so it should be used in the interior especially carefully. Understanding the features of the perception of color and its effect on the human body, you can, using certain shades, predict a certain reaction to color mood. This color can be used as a pleasant and bold accents in the interior, and as a basis for a quiet design.

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