Psychology of purple in the interior of the bedroom


To date, the use of faded and discreet color scales in the interior of the bedrooms is receding into the background. If at the end of the last century white walls and light bedding were an indispensable attribute of every house, now no one will be surprised at the appearance of bright and bold color combinations. There are a lot of modern trends and design opinions about the use of this or that shade, as in the design of premises, and in clothing, accessories and other small things. Bright options are the most attractive for young people, because they are more fit in this matter. However, the adult generation, who knows the art in the art of color matching, does not lag behind his children and deftly combines seemingly incompatible elements.

One of the most popular colors is purple. It is very difficult to imagine a bedroom in purple, but incredible design solutions and amazing combinations of complementary colors make it possible to create truly majestic interiors, where the violet looks proudly and majestically.

Features of violet color

Purple color is a combination of two primary colors – red and blue. With the help of different concentrations of these basic elements, you can create many other special shades – from dark purple, to soft, almost pink. Such unique combinations make it possible to use in the interior special details that favorably emphasize the main idea of ​​the room.

Every color in psychology has its own designation, its influence on character. Highlighting your favorite shade, often used in life, you can determine your mood, temperament and looks, on individual things. Experienced psychologists easily manipulate these signs of color differentiation. Many advertising agencies use in their advertising exactly those colors that look good in one or another perspective. Purple is one of the most attractive but complex colors.

What color is it? First of all, it is multifaceted, because it has just a huge number of shades – violet, fuchsia, lavender, eggplant, lilac and many others. Each shade of this particular color has its own characteristic and causes a person different emotions and impressions. If the color scheme of the interior is purple with most of the blue, then the room immediately filled with emotions such as power, passion, rudeness. When the design consists of elements of gentle lilac or light purple, the psychological thread of the room will calm down even under severe stress and neurosis.

Purple bedroom – the possibility of self-realization

In the last century the violet color was inherent in representatives of the aristocracy. Its various shades could be found both in the clothes of kings, and in the interiors of the royal bedchamber and reception rooms. In the rings of the cardinals, purple amethyst was used, as a symbol of power and status, and myths and legends describe many facets of this color. The greatest popularity in violet originated in the 20 century, shocking representatives of futurism and vivid personalities who want to self-actualize, used many shades of this color in their everyday life.

To date, purple, fuchsia, dark eggplant and many other similar shades are very successfully used in various styles of interior. Stylishly and unusually looks the design of the bedroom in a classic style with the use of gentle shades.

But the bedroom is also magnificent in high-tech style with an incomparable combination of rich palette and laconic elements.

Ways to use purple in the interior

Any color can be used in different ways indoors, the level of its perception depends on it, and with the help of special techniques it is possible to easily convey to the people around your idea, creating a single idea of ​​the room.

1. Purple walls

The use of violet in the color of the walls is a very delicate and complex technique. It is necessary to grasp the general idea of ​​the room in order to create a harmonious image of your bedroom. Most often used light and delicate shades of purple, especially as the color of the walls of the rooms of young girls. For example, as in this photo:

Less commonly used are dark purple colors, but they are easier to create to create a contrast that is incredibly popular in modern design bedrooms. Very unusual and stylish look wallpaper dark purple hues combined with dark wood furniture, snow-white bed decorated with contrasting purple cushions.

It is impossible to create a purple room. It is necessary in some way to shade saturated and contrasting colors. This can be done with the help of gentle shades of other colors that will bring more light into the room.

2. Purple accent

The most commonly used method of decorating with purple is the accent method. When the general atmosphere of the room is complemented by purple elements, the room becomes mysterious and majestic.

Accent can be furniture of delicate or dark saturated purple hues. It is not only practical, but also very successfully looks at the background of other elements of different colors.

The dark lilac bed that stands in the center of the bright bedroom will attract a glance, hinting that this is a room where there is only you, like on an island. In such a bedroom, rest becomes a real pleasure.

A violet accent can be any part of the decor – a panel on the wall, drapes on the window, a carpet on the floor or soft charming pillows on the bed.

Very beautiful looks art with the presence of violet elements. Violet flowers on a white background with bright green leaves will be advantageously combined.

Purple color can be applied everywhere, creating various visual effects – expanding the room or making it cozy and modest.

Combination of violet with other colors and shades

Violet color is combined with several basic color gamuts – white, black, green, yellow, with silvery and golden motifs. In addition, very stylishly combine the shades of purple among themselves, forming a smooth transition between various details: walls, furniture and accessories.

Perhaps the most successful combination for the bedroom is purple with white. A gentle and cozy room of white color will never be boring if it contains accessories of purple hues.

Violet is a creative mysterious color, he always leaves behind a note of mystery. The pretentiousness of the interior of the bedroom with numerous purple elements will look just as delicious as the laconic, restrained design of the rest room with a minimum of purple.

Any person will be able to bring into his life a drop of eccentricity and majesty, along with a bright and fashionable color. However, everyone in the right to independently determine their dose of violet.

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