Provence style in your kitchen – several interiors of kitchens from the French outback


Provencal kitchens always attract attention with their beauty and incredible comfort. It is very difficult to single out one thing that would characterize this style, rather, it is determined by a set of interesting details. Here are some examples of how you can add a chic cuisine to the French outback.

Traditional interior of this kitchen is underlined by a soft pastel palette. The main color was chosen yellow, it is made as furniture and walls, differing only in shades. A few pleasant accents are arranged so as to emphasize the basic tones and add a little texture to the room.

Here the color range is colder, with an emphasis on the blue color of the walls and slightly brighter cupboards. The chandelier above the dining table attracts attention, but does not get out of the general concept. The interior is wonderfully complemented by wooden floors and wicker accessories.

You can create a Provencal style with classic and elegant details, as was done in this one-color kitchen. The secret is not to clutter the room with furniture. It is better to select several elements that will attract attention, such as these chairs or curtains. In this interior, even working easily.

This kitchen can be considered a model of the style of the French village. The rooster embodies the rural spirit and style. Moldings and carved furniture ornament seem to take us several centuries ago. It is this feeling that should be created in houses decorated in the style of Provence.

Here the classic is combined with modern in an interesting way. Color solutions are sustained in neutral tones, the apron attracts with its interesting design, and the suspended chandeliers are simple and very delicate.

It's amazing how easy and simple it is to make the spirit of France in your kitchen! It truly is distinguished by a simple, light and at the same time variety of forms. Light and airy color palette of furniture and a variety of bright and expressive details, or vice versa, a multifaceted external layout and a couple of accessories – it's all he, Provence!

The real French are famous for their elegance and taste. In each example, there is a spirit of Provence and comfort. Everything is filled with light, air and serenity. Great layout!

I do not completely agree with the first commentary, just the same as the Provencal style itself to embody so, that it was beautiful and reserved, it is not easy. In the presented photos there is simply nothing to add, so everything is in place. Elegant, stylish and practical. Even, perhaps, exquisite, although at first glance it is simple.

For the interior design of the kitchen in the style of Provence are characterized by soft tones. Interesting solutions, when the decoration is decorated with the addition of various attributes, characterizing the rural way of life.

The style of Provence is not so easy to perform, as it may seem. Interesting details, pastel colors, traditional interior set a general concept. The main thing is that everything in the compartment looks like a French village.

How interesting are the angles and window openings played. The simple simplicity of the style of "Provence" is sweet and tender, it causes only positive emotions. In such a kitchen there will be no rudeness, no sharpness, everything here breathes peace and tranquility.

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