Professional organization of kitchen space – advice of an experienced designer for the arrangement of storage systems


The place where you can store silverware

This article was born out of family history. The designer's sister in the interiors moved to a new apartment and asked for help in arranging a new kitchen.

In the former dwelling they had only two lockers. In the modern interior, she was simply confused, not knowing how convenient it is to put food, condiments and much more in numerous offices.

However, the designer could not come, but she shared her experience in organizing the kitchen space with the Resource Kitchen. You can use her experience to avoid mistakes or go your own way.

Start with a nice – with silver dishes. It is convenient to store in the upper small drawer, near the dishwasher or the sink.

Silver is a thing that gives pleasure when you take it in hand, and not when you spend time in its vain search, so the instruments must have a clearly defined place.

Here you should not keep silverware

Despite the fact that this box is located near the dishwasher, it is better not to use it for storing appliances, since with an open dishwasher, access will be difficult. It is better to choose a place a little further, but more convenient. For example, a box to the right of the sink.

Cases for everyday objects

If the room is large and there are many glass cabinets in it, then first of all think about the dishwasher, but not about the way to open its door. If you are standing near the sink, and the machine is on the right, then it is most convenient to place the dishes on the left side.

Cupboard for dishes

It happens that there is not enough space for storing plates and glasses. In this case, you can use the pantry – this is the first idea.

The second idea: to use kitchen storage systems attached to the wall, even if they are outside the working triangle and have to do several additional steps – it's more convenient than plates and glasses, found in various places.

Convenient roller shelves

Drawers contain a large number of items that can be easily removed. In order to cover the table, you can grab a stack of plates or mugs.

Open planes – effective and convenient

Beautiful dishes should be accessible look. Open, without a door, the shelves – not only the decoration of the interior, but also easy access to the right subjects.

Cookbooks, wine and oversized bowls

Usually for their storage additional shelves are mounted. To save space, use those places on which these things will look most attractive. To do this, it is not necessary to have extra surfaces – the island or the working surface near the plate will perfectly fit.

Salads, knives, spices

To store these things, as well as bowls and salad bowls, the island will perfectly suit, namely its lower plane.

Special boxes for spices of various modifications can be purchased on the market: manufacturers constantly improve accessories for the kitchen, so it's easy to find exactly what you need.

Magnet for knives on the wall

A great way to keep the knives in an easily accessible place is a magnet on the vertical surface of the cabinet or wall. Furniture fittings of this kind frees boxes.

Spices in long bottles are convenient to keep somewhere in the area of ​​the stove and sink, so you do not have to go after them in the pantry. Suspended systems are ideal.

Cookware should be stored somewhere in the area of ​​the hob. This may be a special compartment with a door or lid, but it is more convenient to use an open shelf for this purpose so that you do not have to rearrange the pans in search of suitable ones. Excellent and fit in the lower part of the island.

An interesting solution for frying pans and saucepans

A good idea is to hang pans on hooks, especially for small rooms. You can hang not only over the island, as in the photo, but also on the wall or furniture.

Plates, pans, pots are convenient to hold in retractable systems: thus we get quick access to necessary items. It's good to put heavy things and small appliances that tend to fall on the head from the top shelves.

Pantry for food and groceries

If you have a pantry, put the products there, do not take them to cabinets and shelves in the kitchen simply because they are empty. In the work area should be only the most necessary.

Modern kitchen sets are rich in all kinds of boxes for storing kitchen utensils. But only the owner of the kitchen has to determine the storage of individual items. The main thing is not to forget that where lies. Therefore, the most convenient, in my opinion, is a capacious wide sliding shelves.

Very useful article! At us just after repair there was a question of arrangement of kitchen space. There were so many drawers and wall shelves that you can get confused. Fortunately, we managed without the interior designer, but I took note of the storage system ideas from the article.

The organization of the kitchen space is a very important moment. Today, there is a huge number of storage systems for kitchen utensils. The advice of an experienced designer will help those who are entangled in all the variety of options!

The organization of the kitchen space is a very painful problem. A great idea for a kitchen storage system is kitchen wall shelves. Plus, the kitchen island is also that you can organize a storage system under it. Such questions will always remain relevant.

Beautiful and necessary to be, which is useful to any mistress. The correct arrangement of priorities is very important – this statement can be attributed to the professional organization of the kitchen space. A wonderful example with silverware is presented, describing how and where it is better to define it.

We are glad to welcome you on our kitchen design portal! Welcome to the world of professional design.

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