Professional color choice for modern kitchen interior – practical recommendations from a certified specialist


How to choose the color of the kitchen? This question is answered by the well-known professional designer Becky Harris. Do not be afraid to fill the space with color – that's the motto of our today's interview.

"You know, there is a thing that really annoys me. This happens when people choose design solutions, based on the cost of possible resale of housing. I prefer that the house be individual, combining the styles and tastes of its inhabitants. This makes homeowners happy and from the threshold tells visitors about the personalities of the owners.

One of the areas where you really should not be bored is the kitchen. You do not have to undermine the family budget, spending money on trendy granite countertops, although if this is what you really dreamed of, then go for it!

A deep turquoise color cabinet with glass doors really attracts the eye in this neutral color scheme of the room.

Here is a close-up of this beautiful wardrobe. And I'm just in love with the countertop made, I think, from a soapstone, but I'm not so sure. What do you think?

Orange! Comes! In large!

And here orange is used a little more subtly than in the picture above.

Green antique cabinets, vintage lamps and a "harlequin" pattern on the floor – all this adds color to this kitchen of the Mediterranean house.

Another version of the application is dark green.

Here the smooth red color gives the space a futuristic look, breaking the look movement and not overloading the room. I think if all these cabinets were red, it would look like a giant bottle of nail polish exploded here.

Here the deep blue, mixed with gray and refined stainless steel appliances, really serves as a neutral, although it adds style to space.

If this is not someone's unique individual style, I do not know what it is! I bet that this man is a great enthusiast.

Modern kitchen design – red, in combination with stainless steel, furniture meets you with a work bench edge.

These green cupboards give the kitchen the look of a farmhouse – fun and cute, is not it?

In fact, the more I look at this picture, the more I become sure that blue can serve as a neutral color, without being boring at the same time. Who does not like this kitchen space, bright and joyful?

A light tree combined with a pleasant light turquoise gives the Scandinavian note to this kitchen.

The color of red wine is the perfect modern kitchen design. Neutral tile floor balances the entire shine of the room.

This gray-blue color of stylish kitchen furniture works well in a Victorian-style house.

I like this lacquer green apple. If you are still going to resell the housing and be afraid that the buyers will not also be happy with your favorite green, you can repaint the cabinets anew with varnish or powder paint in a neutral color.

A slightly lighter shade of green apple is used in the interior of a completely different style of cuisine. I like to compare and contrast pictures. This and the photo above can be fully countered! "

Becky Harris encourages you not to think about reselling a house, but to live with your favorite bright colors in the present.

We are glad to welcome you on our kitchen design portal! Welcome to the world of professional design.

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