Primitive tableware in the modern interior of the kitchen


Unusual crockery in the interior of the kitchen

Dishes in the interior of the kitchen can perform several functions at once. Speech can go both about practical adaptations, and about purely decorative subjects defining character of design. As a rule, the dishes are selected in accordance with the color palette of the kitchen or taking into account its style and geometry.

But there are also absolutely unique specimens that, due to their simplicity and unusual shape, fit almost any interiors and have the ability to give individuality even the most ordinary of them.

More recently, fans and design professionals have been presented with unique samples developed by the English expert Max Lamb. He alone was one of the first who was not afraid to use for making such refined objects as dishes for serving, natural stone, namely black basalt.

The main characteristics of the material include its saturated carbon color, high density, as well as the ability to be machined. Thanks to these qualities, the basalt dishes not only have sufficient strength, but can be performed even in the most outlandish forms.

The collection created by the designer attracts attention not only thanks to the use of unusual material, but also because of the unusual shape of the finished products. The main idea is the embodiment of images of prehistoric life, when with the help of tools available at that time it was possible to produce only asymmetrical, awkward-looking bowls and vessels.

The products from Max Lamb, outwardly imitating the objects of everyday life of primitive people, as a whole have quite a customary configuration for us. This is a practical dish that you can use in everyday life.

The technology of manufacturing these amazing samples is also far from what is accepted in mass production. From the pieces of basalt, identical blanks are cut out, which are then handled manually. Thus, the walls of objects become thinner and acquire their unique outlines.

One of the samples of the original collection

If you are looking for a way to decorate the interior of your kitchen, designer dishes from Max Lamb – this is what you should look at first. Take advantage of the opportunity to acquire practical and home-made appliances, as well as a chance to impress guests with their original taste.

We are glad to welcome you on our kitchen design portal! Welcome to the world of professional design.

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