Popular kitchen storage ideas that will help organize the space


Functional kitchen storage ideas: shelves for spices

Simple ideas of storage in the kitchen are varied and available for every home. Meet 15 the most popular ways to organize a kitchen space.

1. Large storeroom

This is convenient and, in addition, all you need is at your fingertips.

Large pantry in the kitchen

2. Corner box

Boxes move diagonally into a corner, making them deeper. This allows you to store larger things.

Corner storage boxes for large items

3. Containers for cutlery

This way of organizing space is very popular. You can also do it yourself.

A convenient box with containers for cutlery and utensils

4. Space under the sink

To store cleaning products, many use space on the sink. Even more convenient if you add a drawer drawer ..

Drawer under the sink for storage of household chemicals

5. Bin

An unappealing trash can best be hidden away. You can consider options with drawers and even install 2 buckets for separate garbage collection.

Two trash cans are hidden in the locker

6. Separators in a drawer

If you do not have an extra drawer, try to make room under the oven or over the refrigerator. Put wooden or metal dividers and save space!

Cupboard for kitchen utensils

7. Cache for electrical appliances

Storage space for kitchen appliances

8. Deep storage cabinet

In this deep cabinet with two doors, all the jars and spices will be in order. Great idea!

Large wardrobe for non-perishable products

9. Retractable table

This table is functional. It can be an island, especially in small kitchens. It can also be used as a bar counter.

Functional pull-out table

10. Locker for storing spices

11. Working area in the kitchen

12. Drainer

In this drawer, the smallest members of the family can reach for the dishes.

Unusual place for dishes

13. Bowls for pets

These built-in bowls for dogs are an excellent option.

Bowls built into the kitchen island

14. Open shelving

These shelves are the most popular trend in the design of kitchen facilities.

15.Multi Level Shelves

Convenient shelves for storing kitchen utensils

What idea for storage optimization is applicable to your kitchen? Share with us!

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