Popular kitchen design styles


Kitchen design styles: which one to choose?

Modern cuisine is not just a place for cooking: an important role is played by its aesthetic component, so it is very important that the design styles of the kitchen meet the needs of the owners.

In order for the space to be balanced, the following is a brief overview of the styles and materials.

Charming Retro

What are the peculiarities of fascinating kitchen appliances in retro style that look like a work of art? The secret of the charm of ancient mechanisms is that various functional elements such as locks, latches, handles and fastening systems are themselves a beautiful decoration.

The main credo of some kitchen manufacturers is the creation of vintage industrial aesthetics. And they were very lucky. They produce modules equipped with professional household appliances that form a set. The main thing is the presence of jewelry made of metal, so the color of the facade can be anything.

Popular style – retro

Exquisite classics

Different types of styles (such as classicism, baroque, rococo, etc.), used within the term "classic", are still many followers. Kitchens, made of natural materials and decorated with rich decor, are still a sign of status.

Various elements, covered with gold and silver plating, recreate the atmosphere of royal apartments. Calm, neutral elements of the facade smoothly combined with natural stone used for the manufacture of countertops (marble and granite).

Classicism is another popular style of cuisine

Loft style

Kitchen in the loft style will suit those who prefer the austere aesthetics of factory spaces. Spacious premises of former factories allow you to focus on different elements and make the kitchen very functional.

Facades are made of aged wood (or laminated material), metal (look vintage) and decorative concrete. All these materials can be used within the same kitchen. Bright accents (colored shelves, accessories and all kinds of bar stools) are welcome.

Loft style kitchen


Kitchens in the style of minimalism provide an opportunity to create an interior with airy furniture, as if sliding in the air. Simple geometric shapes, complete lack of decor and handles. Modules that form a single surface, as well as laconic colors – the main features of this style.

These kitchens look great, mainly in open-plan rooms and are well combined with materials such as concrete, metal and natural wood. Popular types of decoration – matte finish, varnish and gloss.


Modern classical cuisine implies the presence of the same elements, but more simplistic. Traditional small doors with elegant handles and cornices with gold, silver or bronze ornaments, but with a rather modest decor are appropriate in this style.

Such kitchens perfectly fit modern interior. Various materials are used as decor: traditional (wood, stone, glass), as well as modern materials (metal and concrete).

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