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Why is so much attention paid to the design of the kitchen island today? For the place of cooking, simple geometric shapes, lined cabinets and narrow surfaces along the walls were once used. But today there is no trace left of the traditional approach. The very fact of the invention of the kitchen island unequivocally says that from the point of view of design the kitchen is no longer just an office space.

This object is the central working part of space, which deserves attention during planning. After all, cooking is not a household necessity, but a whole art. First of all, this interior detail is very practical and serves the functional use of free space. However, as with any other furniture, fantasies and personal tastes play an important role here, emphasizing the character and preferences of the owners of the house.

In the modern world, we are accustomed to combine food with other activities: reading, watching TV, communicating. The island is an area where you can not only cook, but also gather for a warm conversation or just relax. Let's see, dear readers of the popular online magazine Ideas of Kitchen Interiors, on what types they share, and which one may suit you.


Take a look at the eclectic combination: a marble countertop with a built-in sink is located on a traditional desk with bookshelves. Suitable for an amateur to read for food, and maybe for a writer. Comfortable bar stools and strict lighting in an industrial style guarantee a pleasant pastime at breakfast.

Classics with Indian accents


Pay attention to this extravagant decadent set of original kitchen furniture from Brommel. The perfectly smooth surface and feminine smooth lines are combined in this elegant and simultaneously surprisingly simple model. The sink easily hides under the sliding panel.

Sophistication from Brommel

Therefore, after the completion of the cooking process, this wonderful baroque object looks like a solemn table for the living room. Under crystal chandeliers and a snow-white ceiling, it looks like a real work of art.

A refined barbarian

An extremely popular technique in design is the use of rough wooden elements. With success, you can apply it in the dining area, as in this exclusive headset for dining from Rational. How do you like the dark wood of rough grinding and the countertop made "under the rust"?

Practicality comes first

Absolute masterpiece! This is a strict room with a male character, so it's no wonder if your spouse suddenly starts spending more time with culinary research than you. It would be nice to add something from leather and fur, and on the table to serve honey and game. Well roasted venison according to an old Scandinavian recipe with cranberry sauce – this cuisine deserves just such a menu!

Charming dreamer

For fans of playing with shades and shapes, tired of the fresh images, there is only one option – to create something unexpected in its refined interior! Here is an example of furniture made to order. It is far from traditional rectangular shapes.

Bright colors in the interior and calm flowing lines add personality to the room. If you have columns or beams in the dining room, you can really make something special with them. And the completeness of the image will give lush green plants, for which it is possible to provide special excavations.

Elegant minimalist

Deprived of any decor and simple to the extreme plot can for someone to be the best choice. After all, for a culinary action, first of all, a lot of free space is required. And if the owner of the house is obsessed with cleanliness, then the layout in the style of modern minimalism will help in maintaining the ideal order.

When this territory is not cooked and does not eat, it is more like an office. Elegant comfortable chairs are available for conversation, and austere but incredibly sophisticated chandelier adds a bit of romance and magic to the look. This design suggests that after cooking all the accessories should immediately hide in their places, because the slightest mess will break all the charm.

Cozy Art Nouveau

To date, trends in furniture production are distinguished by a combination of practicality and style, which is perfectly visible in this example. Gloss milk color and warm shades of wood – this is perhaps the most popular combination in the finish. There is in this a hint of closeness to nature and all the advantages of a functional white background. Pay attention to the use of original suspended fixtures.


A quaint dining room, in which it is equally convenient to both trapeznichat, and knock on the keyboard. Information, countless Internet applications invade our lives through smartphones and tablets, whether we are resting or are on the move. So why not use a kitchen island?

You do not have to be a computer genius. You can just read the morning news or play an old game at breakfast. Bright and funny, this unusual piece of interior is complemented by an intricate hanger with colorful balls. And if you need a lighting device in cyber-style, then choose something from Moooi.

Creative traditionalist

Here everything speaks about respect for history. Classic candelabra, installation of old kind incandescent lamps, no hint at decorating. Even metal gas stoves are not only for their direct purpose, but also as a tribute to tradition. For such an environment, great attention is required to detail.

A vintage island of wood was exactly saved on some sale or inherited. The shelf with the copper dishes and the stand for drying vegetables also look very home-like. If you are attracted to antiques and you are not alien to some eccentricity, then you can create such a unique image.

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