Overview of floor coverings for kitchen: advice of Russian designers


An important role in the design of the kitchen is played by flooring. This is what the Kitchen Interior wants to tell us today. It should fit well with the overall interior and be practical in use. Consider the positive and negative aspects of different options.

The most environmentally friendly floor covering is a tree. It is warm and has excellent decorative characteristics, and also has good sound insulation properties. With proper care it will last a long time and will remain a solid foundation for your interior, but at the same time it is one of the most expensive options.

Finnish parquet board in the interior of the kitchen-dining room 20 sq. M. m

One of the most popular coatings today is marble. It has a number of good qualities, such as wear resistance, strength, practicality in use. Professionals recommend artificial stone, because natural can become a real hotbed of bacteria because of its porosity. Marble floors decorate any kitchen.

The artificial resemblance of natural stone is called an agglomerate. Due to the specifics of the manufacture, such a material can be made of any shape and with an absolutely smooth texture. It usually includes quartz glass or marble chips.

Thanks to a wide variety of agglomerates, they are used to create patterns on the floor. This gives the design of each kitchen a special personality.

A unique chic of your kitchen can give such a floor covering as a mosaic. It is characterized by the use of natural stone or glass smalt. It is widely used for finishing the work surface in the kitchen, and as a floor covering.

This is quite expensive material, but the high price is completely compensated by the stunning beauty that will be created.

The most widely used, proven and budgetary variety of flooring. The main thing is to choose a high-quality tile, and with proper care it will serve you for a very long time.

Metlakh ceramic tiles in the design of the kitchen 8 sq. M. m

In rooms where a large number of people pass during the day, it is better to use a porcelain tile. It is very reliable in use and is surprisingly durable material: withstands high loads, is not afraid of hot objects, does not absorb moisture and does not deform from its impact.

There are options for wood or natural stone. The cost of this material is higher than that of ceramic tiles, but it seems quite reasonable, given its high quality and excellent performance.

Porcelain in the interior design kitchen 10 square. m

Ceramic granite with black and white pattern for wood in the interior design of the kitchen 11 sq. M. m

One of the options for flooring, which do not require much time or money, or funds. But he has many negative sides when used in the kitchen. It is sensitive to moisture, mechanical damage, not noiseless, but also very slippery. Perhaps, this is the most impractical material for covering the floor in the kitchen.

One of the most inexpensive and practical materials. Not sensitive to moisture, is a good heat and soundproof material, easy to install.

The negative side is that it is made of unsafe materials and it can easily be mechanically damaged. However, low cost allows you to change it often.

Such floors are made on the basis of polymers, synthetic additives and mineral mixtures. They have a huge number of pluses. Durable, easy to clean and operate, resistant to moisture, not exposed to sunlight, not susceptible to alkaline and acidic materials, solvents, surprisingly easy to install.

The floor in the design of the kitchen interior in the style of minimalism from the architect Alexandra Fedorova

It is very interesting to use in one kitchen several types of flooring, taking into account their features. So, in the area of ​​the dining table you can lay a laminate or parquet, and place the territory near the worktable and slabs with an artificial stone or use ceramic granite here.

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