Overloaded interior or necessary furniture: can you imagine the interior of the kitchen without the top cabinets?


The design of modern kitchens is so diverse that the forms of furniture for them can differ significantly from those that seem familiar and self-evident.

For example, you can often see a photo of kitchen furniture without hinged shelves, which in some cases overload the space and narrow it (especially in small rooms).

Three types of hanging cabinets

For dishes

Inside such a cabinet are the shelves hidden behind the doors. This is the place for permanent storage of plates, cups and other kitchen utensils. If you choose a version with transparent, glass doors, then it is necessary that the dishes were beautifully arranged.

With drying

Usually such a cupboard is placed over the sink, it is designed to place freshly washed dishes in it.

To protect the cabinet from getting wet helps the inside of the dishstand and the water tray. Some models of such cabinets provide a separate shelf for cleaning products and sponges.

Open shelf

Not so much practical as a decorative module. Such shelves store beautiful dishes, souvenirs, picturesque jars of spices, etc.

In our opinion, modern kitchen can do without them – especially since the floor stands today are quite spacious, equipped with convenient systems for storing a variety of utensils and equipped with functional and stylish fittings.

And you could give up hinged cabinets?

I certainly could not abandon the shelves in the kitchen. Of course, there are beautiful solutions without them, when the narrow space of the kitchen does not allow the use of hanging shelves. But I, as a lover of hinged shelves, are sure that there is no extra storage space, even though there is plenty of space in the floor shelves to fit all the dishes.

Drying at the top and flooring – very original. With such excellent options with pleasure you can throw out the hanging closets on the trash. What really there!

Hinged cases and shelves have already become so established in everyday life that no one can imagine their life without them, including myself. However, I think we should abandon them in the event that the kitchen has a lot of space, because they will only score the interior. If the kitchen is narrow and small, unfortunately, they can not do without them.

I would not be able to give up on hinged cabinets exactly. In addition to the fact that in my kitchen the floor cabinets would hardly contain everything you need, the presence of hanging lockers, in my opinion, still makes the interior cozier. I most like the option when the lockers are equipped with both blind and glass doors. Open shelves are also needed, but, in my opinion, it is still more the possibility of decorating the room, and not purely economic necessity.

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