Out-of-Time Design or Kitchen in Vintage Style


Kitchen in vintage style

Kitchen in vintage style is an echo of the newly awakened global interest in retro. The elements and design of the vintage and modern style of the middle of the century are popular. They head the lists of modern trends and trends in interior and fashion. And now, the reader of this article will move to a fabulous kitchen, impregnated with love for the style of vintage, in every detail and trivia!

Created by Marchi, Nolita is a specially designed whole series of kitchens that goes beyond aesthetics, combining the ease and ergonomics of custom-made vintage furniture elements and decor.

Custom made refrigerator with artisanal design for a vintage kitchen

The fine cuisine creates a cozy and at the same time refined atmosphere, inviting the whole family to come together, and takes its inhabitants back in time, with fairy wood, steel and marble.

The contrast of textures and special beauty is brought by brick walls and slate boards, which are kept apart in a carefully assembled world of intricate details and drawings.

The kitchen turned into a wide area for family gatherings, with plenty of storage space

Slate boards hiding the sink and work area

This kitchen instantly attracts attention with its form and unique aura, and a rationally used vertical space with open shelves and wooden boxes, in the end just bewitching.

The staircase allows you to use the entire kitchen area

Alchemy of modern functionality and classic appearance, additions in the form of painted wooden boxes, slate boards and vintage dishes for dishes, set the style of this kitchen and challenge modern conventions.

Painted wooden kitchen cabinets with handmade details and sparkling handles

Vintage wooden holder

At the disposal of the inhabitants of the kitchen are central elements with a slate board, which serves as a visor and space framed by polished spruce wood, which has a unique vintage appearance.

The worktops are made of marble or a special marble agglomerate, processed by special methods.

Steel back panel for vintage kitchen with holder for dishes and utensils

Open storage space under the working kitchen area

Brick walls and marble countertops in a modern vintage kitchen

Carefully created wooden elements form a beautiful image of this kitchen

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