Original kitchen design with a bar – harmoniously combine pleasant pastime with the necessary functionality


The design of the kitchen and bar as a whole – today the topic of discussion will be the modern European fashion. The stand is not just a tribute to time, but at the same time an original element of the interior, which in a small dining area can save space by replacing a bulky desk. If necessary, in this way, you can separate the territory for cooking from the living room.

It is also a great opportunity to create a relaxed, cozy atmosphere, which has a casual conversation with a glass of fine wine, a mug of Czech beer or a cup of fragrant Brazilian coffee. To install in your kitchen counter you need to make careful measurements, take into account the layout of windows, and also correctly choose the design of high chairs and other components of your bar, in order to observe a certain unity in the whole environment of the home. This part can be an autonomous structure or dock with a kitchen table: it all depends on your preferences and architectural features of the room.

At considerable dimensions of the room, you can add an extra small table and chairs, made in one key with bar. Impressive design of a young designer from Moscow Julia Chernikova.

She managed to place in a relatively small area all the necessary components of modern kitchen and separate them from the rest of the premises with an original stable bar of weightless design. It turned out a cozy and functional living room, which includes a cooking area.

Typically, to create a table top, a tree is used, all kinds of colors laminate, plastic, and sometimes metal, artificial or natural stone. In order for the kitchen and bar interior to be harmonious, it is necessary to choose the right scale. On the presented plot, the colors of the stools in front of the counter are pleasantly combined with the expressive coloring of the table top and the exhaust system, and their unusual shape and mirror supports only emphasize the individuality of the whole composition.

Some designers advise making the countertops of the bar and kitchen set the same, while others, on the contrary, play on the contrast of colors. In the next plot, the author very advantageously supplemented the situation with high-end stools in front of the counter, combined with the table. Their openwork legs in black create harmony with the shade of the round chandelier and at the same time contrast with the white table top and the walls of the entire room. Deserves attention and the work of another designer, who managed to fit into the interior of a small kitchen a compact bar counter.

Here, all the countertops are made of the same material and successfully shade the white in the design of other elements of the room. And through the window to the floor is a picturesque view of the modern metropolis.

And in conclusion of today's theme we will consider a variant of the so-called classics of the genre: a retro-style stand for the kitchen-living room. The material is a light wood covered with dull varnish, antique pendant lockers and a built-in bar with glass shelves and a traditional mirror behind.

In front of the counter – high soft chairs in the style of the beginning of the last century, and on a massive coffee table – an antique table lamp made of marble with an original lampshade. All this splendor is complemented by two carved wooden lamps descending from the ceiling above the polished brilliant table top of the bar.

Such a kitchen under the old days will be ideally suited to the situation of an apartment of a famous antique dealer or a famous prestigious lawyer, but it will be of interest to ordinary retro lovers.

Whichever option you choose, the main thing is that it is immaculately combined with the overall style in the design of your house and does not violate its internal balance, but only adds warmth and comfort.

We are glad to welcome you on our kitchen design portal! Welcome to the world of professional design.

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