Original ideas for the kitchen interior in the classical style – solutions tested by time


Many people are puzzled when it comes to defining the style that they prefer in the interior. Some know what they like, but are afraid of confusion in terms. And indeed: most spaces have references to different currents.

In order to share the differences and similarities, we invite you to a tour of the styles – from traditional to modern, from rural to industrial.

We will start with the most accessible and understandable – the classic, which is the most flexible for decorating kitchens and always remains timeless.

One of the main touches is the neutral color scheme of the room, the simplicity and laconic details of the decor. Of course, for many it's like jeans and a white T-shirt. These are the basic elements, combining and diluting which you can create any kind of images at your discretion. And this is convenient for resale: the next homeowner will only need to add details to his mood.

We suggest you familiarize yourself with the basic elements of classical cuisines and how they can be adapted to your personal taste.

Classical cuisine is always out of time, they are relevant and fresh, almost everyone feels comfortable in them, even many modernists.

Indoors can be and pretentious elements, unusual decor and unique motifs, but such retreats are always reserved.

As a rule, marble countertops are used white or dark shades. Absolutely black granite, soapstone or cast quartz material can serve as a bright contrast element in relation to stylish kitchen furniture.

Cararra and Calacatta are two kinds of natural stone that really stand out for classic cuisine. Marble islands often become a central element. Although many homeowners know that there are questions on the care of natural material, but can not resist its beauty.

It does not matter what size you chose tile for finishing the kitchen. It can be glossy or matt tiles, made by hand or industrially, with bevelled edges or traditional, square or rectangular.

It can even be white marble plates. Experiment with the size and shape, as well as the color of the grout. Depending on the chosen options will create a unique and original mood of the room.

Another aspect that determines the classics is the style of the doors. Here you will not see a flat modern door with a smooth surface or a multi-panel product, as is often the case in the traditional style. Single-leaf door with a minimum of decoration, but with glass inserts – that's the sign of classicism.

The kitchen should not be completely white. This is a room with a mixture of light-colored surfaces and wooden furniture. And although snow-white cabinets, as a rule, glossy, but they are executed in a very simple and traditional manner. Tiles here are not pure white shades – it brings more color.

The black and white interior, as always, is timeless. Despite the modernity of this kitchen with a black island, a dark apron tile in combination with a light trowel, its foundation rests on a classic "skeleton".

An alternative to a monochrome palette is a combination of brown and light shades. Wardrobes from walnut, white marble and a traditional kind of door – everything sends us to the classics.

What many people like about such kitchens is that they are chameleons: you can change the same room by adding stylish furniture – bar stools, industrial elements, modern additions . You get an idea that you can transform based on your own taste preferences and wishes and changing architectural details.

Design can easily become eclectic. It is enough to add modern tiles and mix it with elements of another style or chairs in an industrial image, progressive and unique lamps.

In changing the interior, you can go and more traditional way, mixing it with a luxurious type of hood, elegant chandelier and an unusual shape of the legs of the kitchen island.

White furniture can be quite progressive, and if you add to it a chic lamp and a modern table of sophisticated form, the room will acquire a completely different character, although it will remain true to the style. This kitchen has even some raindrops of rural design – the beams on the ceiling are the confirmation.

But the wooden flooring again sends us to the classics.

As you can see, the image of your kitchen depends only on your imagination.

We are glad to welcome you on our kitchen design portal! Welcome to the world of professional design.

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