Original ideas for modern design kitchens


Modern designer kitchens – a combination of functionality and exquisite appearance

Modern designer kitchens are the embodiment of the most daring ideas. In this article you will find for yourself the ideal option – from chic islands to stand-alone modules.

Unique kitchen designs

Italian designers and manufacturers are trying to create a variety of yet functional kitchens. Embedded storage systems in the style of minimalism are, perhaps, the last trend – but not the only one.

The market presents all sorts of unique novelties – from retrofuturisticheskoy model Saint Louis to a stand-alone Tivali. Lago's products can also be a good solution.

Creative design from Lago

Saint Louis from Marchi Cucine

Stand-alone model Tivali from the company Dada

Kitchen Cases

Kitchen pencil cases made of glass, corian or glossy laminate, will be an excellent alternative to already bored all the rows of hanging boxes. Half open or completely transparent, they play not only a functional role, but also an aesthetic one.

Glass pencil cases are especially popular. Transparency can easily be their advantage, if you apply several design tricks.

Glass pencil case from TM Italia Cucine

Kitchen counter from GD Arredamenti

Kitchen island and glass cabinet from SieMatic

Penal model Fun from Snadeiro

Kitchen islands

The islands have become an integral part of modern design for a long time. Universality is their main advantage. Especially fascinating model D90 from the company TM Italia.

Modern kitchen islands and semi-islands contain everything from hidden boxes to a bar counter and a shelf for dishes.

Model D90 from TM Italia Cucine

Elegant islet from TM Italia Cucine


Tables are actively replaced by kitchen islands and peninsulas, but still there is a place for them in the kitchen. Although many designers prefer to separate the cooking and eating zones, producers suggest combining them.

In particular, the Kalea model has an island with an integrated table top, on which it is possible to cook and dine. The Look model from Snaidero offers users an alternative. The glass table adjoins the end of the kitchen module, but at the same time it still fits into the arrangement of the room.

Model Kalea from CeasarArrendamenti

Large spacious island table from Boffi

Kitchen Look from Snaidero

Kitchen Modules

Since today the design is designed to be minimalistic, the kitchen modules come to the fore, replacing the pencil cases. This brings modernity and style to the design.

Combining several modules with an island is the latest trend in interior design. They can be built into the walls or stand alone.

Kitchen furniture by TM Italia Cucine

Restrained design from Snadeiro


Shelves can be very diverse. In particular, the company SieMatic decided to combine open shelves and a minimalist kitchen pencil, which made the interior less predictable. And the built-in oven has transformed the overall look of the design.

Metal models fit perfectly into the industrial style. Several rows of floating shelves will be a refined addition to the interior.

Kitchen cupboard with shelves and oven from SieMatic

Shelf system from TM Italia Cucine

Storage systems

Each piece of furniture in the kitchen can serve to store things. Just look at the Timeline model with built-in shelves from Aster Cucine. Simple, but excellent!

Kitchen from SieMatic

Kitchen from Boffi with pendant storage system

Kitchen island with drawers from Toncelli Cucine

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