Original design kitchen-living room area of ​​20 square meters


Increasingly, the studio apartments are gaining popularity, the walls in which are practically absent. The whole apartment represents a large multi-functional room, which is quite fashionable and interesting lately. Often people decide to combine the kitchen with the living room. In the studio apartment this option is provided. In the usual, it will be necessary to demolish the wall, and this will require the permission of the relevant authorities. Thoroughly thought out the interior, you can create an original design that will impress both the hosts and their guests.

Features of registration

If to speak about usual apartment the drawing room and kitchen represent two different rooms which it is necessary to unite. This can only be done if the wall is not a carrier, and the demolition will not harm the design of the residential building. For dismantling it is necessary to get permission from the state organization, unauthorized modification of the construction is prohibited. This dismantling will not go unnoticed, so it will be silly to be cunning, because in this case penalties will be imposed, and the wall will have to be restored to its original position for its money.

With the demolition of the wall, the kitchen remains in the same place, since all communications are located at that place and they should not be carried, as this has no practical sense. Moreover, moving of communication systems will entail additional financial expenses. Thoroughly thought out the interior can make it stylish, original and harmonious, and 20 squares are enough to create two functional zones.

Advantages and disadvantages

To redevelopment must be approached very responsibly, before you do work you need to review the ready-made options, determine the style direction and take into account all the advantages and disadvantages of such an invention.

  • Expansion of space, the emergence of free zones and spaces in order to realize the design ideas.
  • Change lighting due to the fact that in such a room will have more windows than individually.
  • You can easily and conveniently communicate with guests while being in the kitchen.
  • Using the studio apartment, you can create a stylish and unconventional design, which can pleasantly please every day.
  • Being in the kitchen you can control the actions of a small child that is in the living room.
  • You can arrange big feasts and family dinners.
  • You can save on technology, because now you do not need two TVs, one large "plasma" is enough.

Despite a number of advantages, disadvantages are not less significant:

  • Aroma of food. In order to avoid this it is necessary to buy a very powerful hood, but not the fact that it will cope at 100%.
  • Annoying at night the sounds of technology: refrigerator, microwave and others.
  • Rapid pollution of the room, constant cleaning is required.

Layout rules

Most designers advise to allocate to the kitchen only a fifth of the total area of ​​the room, everything else is given to the living room, as it is here that will be guests, children and other household members.

It is important to take into account a number of rules and design recommendations to avoid creating piles:

  • Near the kitchen surfaces you need to create a free space, the distance should be more than a meter.
  • Sink, stove and refrigerator should be placed as close as possible so that they are in step-by-step access.
  • The lighting system should be carefully thought out, both areas of the room should have individual lighting.
  • The dining table is best used as a demarcation line between the two zones.
  • Using glossy surfaces and mirrors, you can visually increase the dimensions of the room, which is relevant for an area of ​​20 square meters.

Zoning methods

Divide the room into two functional areas using:

  • The false gipsokartonovoy partitions. For a more interesting species it can be made into a whimsical geometric shape.
  • Bar counter. This is a stylish and functional option, the design of the rack can be absolutely anything, materials are best selected according to style.
  • Sliding partitions. This option is the most interesting and practical, because at the right time the space can be divided, and then reunited.
  • A multi-level floor, placing the kitchen or living room slightly higher, as if on a podium.
  • Colors and materials.
  • Lighting.
  • Arches, wooden elements.
  • Sofa or soft corner.

Finishing Features

Twenty square meters is a very small area, so you should pay special attention to finishing the room. It is best to use light colors that can visually increase the dimensions of the room. The floor can be made a bit darker, the ceiling and walls are best made beige or white. Contrasting color solutions can only be used as inserts, focusing on details. Dark colors on the contrary can visually "steal" a few meters, so it is better to abandon them.

If the floor is chosen to be solid, then it is better to use a laminate, and put a stylish carpet near the couch. If the flooring is different in different areas, then in the living room is best to make carpet, but the kitchen tiles.

The right selection of furniture

Kitchen furniture is best installed in a line or the letter "G". Thus, space is used as efficiently as possible. A large set is better not to put, as it clutters the space. It is best to give preference to hanging boxes and cabinets, the height of which will reach the ceiling.

The kitchen wall can be selected in one color with a sofa or other furniture, which is the main one in the room. Using yellow or green furniture, you can distribute the accents, make a bright contrast between the interior and furniture. The dishwasher is better to buy built-in, and the table and chairs are selected depending on the interior of the room.

The rest zone also does not need to be cluttered with an abundance of furniture, there is enough sofa, a pair of armchairs and a coffee table. For the functionality of the space you can use wall shelves, the TV is also better to hang on one of the walls. If you have to sleep in the living room, then it's best to use folding sofa models. The sofa is best placed in front of the TV so that it is turned to the kitchen with a backrest. As curtains, it is best to use transparent curtains, tulle or roll models, which you can adjust the natural lighting.

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