Original chairs for the kitchen in the photo of real interiors


Today, the stores present original chairs for the kitchen of different styles and colors. It seems that choosing an ideal model among this abundance is not difficult at all.

As a rule, they are purchased during the final stage of repair, when the finishing of all surfaces is complete, the basic furniture is ordered, and the location of household appliances and working surfaces is determined. At this point, it only remains to select chairs in accordance with the design of the dining table, bar counter or kitchen island.

But in practice, to give preference to a particular model is rather difficult, since furniture manufacturers provide a huge variety of color and textural solutions. We suggest you just look at the photos of kitchens and dining rooms, decorated in different styles.

Among the many stunning models of chairs imprinted on these pictures, there must be one about which you can say: "This is mine!"

Let's try to understand the abundance of offers in the modern furniture market. Let's talk about the materials from which chairs are most often made, about the characteristics of different models and, most importantly, about the ways of their integration into the interior of the kitchen.

Wooden chairs

The chairs belong to the type of furniture products that are subjected to intensive loading. Accordingly, such characteristics as strength, reliability and durability are key to them. But the aesthetic aspect should not be forgotten.

If we talk about the advantages of wood in this context, then it can with confidence be called material that is appropriate in any interiors.

The tree is combined with glass, metal and stone. Do not forget that the vast majority of all existing kitchen cabinets in the world are made of this material or from its imitation.

Even for interiors in high-tech or loft styles, you can pick up simple wooden chairs made in a restrained color scheme, and they will look just fine. Models with carved backs – ideal for classical cuisine.

Wiped wooden chairs with removable pillows add a rustic charm to the classic interior, along with a solid table, behind which can accommodate a large family.

Chairs with fabric upholstery can hardly be called very practical, but they look very expensive and elegant.

Here we again see a combination of the tables and chairs made in a single style, while the interior as a whole is very eclectic.

Most of the components of this kitchen are made using light wood, and a dining group including.

In this case, the designers gave the chairs the role of contrast accents.

The chairs, painted with matte white paint, are good in that they are combined with textiles of any shades, which allows you to instantly change the appearance of the kitchen by simply changing the pillows.

And again we have a classic interior. Its focal elements were the chairs – due to its bright upholstery. From the same fabric, window curtains are sewn, they did not hit the frame.

Wooden chairs of a light gray shade made this cuisine in the country style more refined.

The soft green color of these chairs is very refreshing for the restrained interior, which combines classic and industrial style.

The original solution for classical interiors can be the inclusion of wooden chairs, painted in contrasting colors.

The chairs, which are part of the atmosphere of this black and white kitchen, attract attention with their intricate carved backs.

Using chairs of two types in one space allows you to visually divide it into zones.

In this interior there are many wooden elements. Even the lampshade's lampshade hanging over the dining table is made of recycled wood.

It is enough to take a quick look at these chairs, which have wooden bases and seats with soft leather upholstery, to see how comfortable they are. A bright color is another of their dignity.

Wooden chairs, if they are refined and laconic, perfectly fit into the interior with elements of high-tech.

In this interior, many interesting details and drawings. At the same time, wooden chairs with striped upholstery do not seem superfluous at all. Probably because they are combined with more traditional chairs.

This is another example of a successful combination of chairs and chairs made in different styles.

Interior in the country style is complemented by wooden chairs and chairs of the same white color. But in a constructive way, they are completely different.

In the dining group, along with the chairs can include not only chairs, but also benches and banquets.

The use of different types of upholstery for seats and backrests is a very interesting decision.

Wicker chairs

Furniture from rattan, bamboo and vines is found in kitchen interiors not so often. But the following examples show us how good she is.

It is important to remember that products made from materials of plant origin are subject to mandatory processing, capable of protecting them from moisture and temperature changes. The chairs that we see on the next photo, perfectly combined with elements in the style of country.

Wicker chairs and chairs are usually sold in the furniture department for the garden. But designers often include them in country-style interiors.

Before us is a very quiet kitchen, in which brown and beige tones predominate. Wicker chairs and bar chairs dilute its classic interior, filling it with a tropical breeze.

Wicker chairs, painted in rich colors, are actively involved in the formation of a vivid image of this cuisine.

Plastic chairs

Among the obvious advantages of plastic furniture can be distinguished ease, ease of care and a variety of colors. In addition, they are very convenient to store, because they stack up, one on top of another. Products made of plastic are not subject to moisture, and that significantly facilitates their cleaning.

But there are some drawbacks. Plastic furniture is fragile enough, it is not designed for high load. As a rule, such chairs can withstand weight no more than 90 kg. To increase their strength, manufacturers include in the design of metal and wood parts.

For example, steel or aluminum legs significantly increase the service life of furniture made of polymer materials.

Plastic furniture looks especially well in the environment of glossy surfaces. In this kitchen, there are more than enough.

Famous chairs from Ray and Charles Eames, who became an icon of furniture design, gave birth to a whole wave of imitations. Today, many manufacturers offer similar models.

Regularly reproduced and those most famous armchairs, repeating the bends of the body of a seated person. This design was once developed by Werner Panton.

The chairs, whose seats are made of bright red glossy plastic, dramatically change the nature of this snow-white cuisine.

Of course, chairs with blue seats can not help attracting attention. Presented in the photo interior is a sample of a perfectly balanced combination of materials: metal, wood and plastic.

Addition to the glossy headset in this kitchen was the dining group, which includes plastic chairs. They are executed in neutral color, but the design of their seats is rather intricate.

Chairs of colorless transparent plexiglass are ideal for small kitchens, because they are simply not fixed by sight. As a result, it seems that there is more room in the room than there is actually.

The combination of chairs made not only in different designs, but also from different materials, can be very successful.

Chairs with metal frame The most durable and at the same time the most expensive chairs are those that have metal frames. Aluminum and steel structures withstand heavy weight, have a long service life and do not cause trouble in operation.

First, they are expensive, and secondly, very few people like to sit on them: too cold. Their seats can be made of any material and be both soft and hard.

However, in this photo we see exactly all-metal chairs, supplemented by flat cushions. Their undeniable dignity lies in the fact that they, like the models of plexiglas, do not clutter the interior.

Here we see bar chairs made of metal, which are adjacent to the plastic armchairs that are part of the dining group.

Chairs with metal bases are best suited for modern interiors with high-tech motifs. In combination with a glass table, they look just stunning.

The seats of these comfortable armchairs are covered with soft leather and decorated with artificial fur, imitating cow skin.

In front of us are height-adjustable chairs on a steel pedestal. They are one of several Art Nouveau elements in this small kitchen.

This is another example of very original bar stools that can become a hallmark of a single interior.

Have you already decided on your preferences? What chairs for the kitchen do you like personally?

Thank you for the extensive selection! Many interesting interiors, in which not only the chairs, but everything else is great. I still prefer wooden furniture, because it always looks cozy.

Thank you for the extensive selection! Many interesting interiors, in which not only the chairs, but everything else is great. I still prefer wooden furniture, because it always looks cozy.

We are glad to welcome you on our kitchen design portal! Welcome to the world of professional design.

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