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We bring to your attention recommendations from the famous interior decorator Nicole White Quinn from South Florida. This time the proposals concern the convenience and comfort of the main room of your house. Often in the kitchen there is always not enough space. After all, there is a huge number of instruments, appliances, utensils. Therefore, the organization of space must be done carefully and correctly.

In this regard, today is very interesting resourceful design solutions that allow you to fill all the nooks and use each square centimeter square productively. The abundance of pots, pans and plates, cans and forms for baking, trays, dishes and cutlery encourages the owners to find a constructive solution and impeccable furniture.

In this photo you are presented with an amazing kitchen, storing stunning secrets, which we want to tell you.

Behind the plate, the designers made an original kitchen apron with sliding doors decorated with marble. The sashes hide from the eyes an additional rack with numerous shelves. Here are placed cups and saucers, small jars and other trifles.

The attractiveness of the method lies in the simultaneous solution of two tasks ─ storing tea utensils and decorating the non-standard wall covering.

Council: you need to discuss this with the contractor in advance. In addition, you should make sure that there is enough space inside the wall for the job.

An excellent place for storing utensils can be corner cupboards. It is recommended to equip them with a wired revolving counter, which is popularly called "lazy Susan". With this method of storage, you can clearly see all the items located on each of the shelves of this kind of tripod.

When you turn it, any necessary thing becomes easily accessible. An excellent alternative to rotating stands will be corner drawers on wheels.

They conveniently slip to the limit and allow you to hide in their bowels a lot of useful and useful items. This storage system makes it possible to use the most inaccessible corners of the kitchen space.

Council: containers for kitchen treasures should be made different in size. Then things will be convenient to add and organize. Covers, spoons, knives and forks rationally hide in small boxes, and plastic containers and pans ─ in large.

If you like corner curbstones with doors, then drawers will always come to the rescue. They will open easy access to the farthest corners of the furniture.

Council: this storage system can be used in both upper and lower cabinets.

Pay attention to the amazing furniture fittings and unusual placement of storage systems. To maximize the use of space used boxes, located literally at the foot level. Here you can save porcelain and glass dishes, tortovnitsy and spare plates.

Council: in such lower drawers it is convenient to store objects of rare demand. As a rule, these are things that you use infrequently. Here you can hide special dishes for exceptional guests, flat fruit vases or festive napkins and silver cutlery.

Always pleasing original furniture, its unusual curves and shapes. In the photo below you see a rounded on one side table top and a specific locker beneath it. Its facade part also has a rounded appearance. This is one of the available ways of rational use of room space. Thus, all things in the kitchen are neatly folded and always available.

An interesting idea was embodied in the next kitchen. Closed and open racks, large and small drawers, smoothly extending and able to go beyond the basic limits and the base of cabinets. Considered to the smallest detail and properly organized work of the hostess requires the implementation of just such a plan. These containers absorb literally everything, perfectly systematizing objects.

None of them can be lost. Therefore, the usual room for concoction turns into a wonderful room for creating magic dishes. The magic of the hostess's mood is necessarily passed on to the food. Pleases a convenient combination of sliding racks. This greatly facilitates access to heavy objects. Here the dough mixer and mixer, a juicer and a coffee grinder, a meat grinder and a waffle maker are well hidden.

In the smallest box are stored spices. And in a special compartment neatly placed numerous cutting boards and sheets for baking. Such furniture will allow to keep the whole room in perfect order.

The kitchen composition is logically completed by the original white cabinet. It has four open shelves, on which are placed boxes, telephone and a pot with a favorite flower. In this furniture masterpiece there are three doors. Two of them are special. Behind the top flap there are small hooks, intended for main and spare keys.

There is also a special Pegboard, on which you can write notes to your relatives and reminders for yourself. The bottom panel opens the space in which the slats for postcards, magazines and cookbooks are installed.

Did you like the original design tips for kitchen storage systems? What did you like best? We are waiting for your feedback!

We are glad to welcome you on our kitchen design portal! Welcome to the world of professional design.

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