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Classic design options

The design options of the kitchen do not depend on the passage of time. And this is an excellent proof of the popular kitchen design among modern decorators. This is a relatively new direction in the world of decorating living quarters, but it has already managed to take hold of the hearts of domestic inhabitants.

The main direction of this trend is in the opportunity to give a second life to its old furniture of the past centuries. With the use of improvised construction and decorative materials, old pieces of furniture are transformed and occupy an honorable place in the house.

At the same time, in the collection of every fashionable modern designer there are samples of kitchen cabinets made in Retro style. This is an excellent chance for owners to order a complete set of necessary furniture for the decoration of a dwelling. This solution will not only allow your housing to remain constantly in the center of attention, but will also provide an opportunity for a long time to forget about the need to update the design. Retro style exists separately from the passage of time.

Retro furniture in kitchen design

Very often designers use a complex solution, which manifests itself in the use in the decoration of kitchens, both retro style and modern trends. Skilful combination of the best of each of these directions allows owners to create a large number of cabinets for storing utensils, and also appropriately inserts into the idea necessary modern aspects such as ovens and hoods.

Basic elements of retro trend

The basic elements with the help of which the style of the old times is transferred in the design is the use of cabinets with a large number of boxes. As a rule, this is the symmetrical arrangement of all surfaces. Also, hinged open shelves are popular, which can be decorated with additional accessories. And how to do without comfortable classical chairs, installed at the dining table.

Follow this direction should not only when choosing furniture. We should not forget about additional accessories, such as chandeliers and wall clocks. Each element must correspond to a common idea. But, Retro style gives complete freedom in choosing the color scheme of design, which accepts both modest pale shades and bright colors.

No kitchen space can do without modern appliances, so that your kitchen appliances are not out of the picture, you can add to the design of modern furniture or accessories.

Meeting of classics and modernity

Modern in trend Retro

Each such kitchen is a vivid example of individuality. Show your imagination can be in the addition of accessories, such as fresh flowers or figurines. Bold experiments in choosing a floor covering are also admissible. You can use different options, ranging from a simple tree, and ending with an expensive carpet.

Furniture made of natural dark wood has always been in fashion, and if it is made in the style of Retro, then the attractiveness of the elements increases at times. Also, one should not forget about striving for correct geometric forms. Such kitchens accept only sharp angles and straight lines, which allows you to visually increase the area of ​​the room.

Tree in decoration

The most gentle and attractive ideas include the use of a light beige in color. These shades not only add freshness to the general appearance of the room, but also add a kitchen of originality and individuality.

Light Beige – Retro Design Element

Wicker accessories in decoration

The undoubted advantage is that Retro style knows no bounds. You can realize absolutely any idea that you saw in the old pictures. The main thing is to observe the symmetry and correctness of the forms used.

Completed Retro Style Design

If you have not decided how to decorate your kitchen space, then this option is created specifically for you. You can not only save on furniture, using old cabinets and shelves, but also create an original room that will not leave your acquaintances indifferent.

We are glad to welcome you on our kitchen design portal! Welcome to the world of professional design.

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