Organization of storage in the kitchen: 5 unique ideas and 40 examples of placing a locker under the sink


Today we would like to continue discussing the topic of storage organization in the kitchen and offer you a few concerning the arrangement of the space under the sink.

Various tools for cleaning, protective gloves, detergents – all this is always in the arsenal of a diligent hostess, but there is a natural question, where do you store these funds so that they are always in close proximity?

In many kitchens and bathrooms, the space under the sink is empty – that's it, and you can adapt it for a new and quite roomy organizer, and to not build an additional locker, you can confine yourself to a curtain of dense fabric.

Curtain instead of locker

If you purchased a budget version of the kitchen set, and there was not a special curbstone under the sink, it can be purchased in special shops or, which is much cheaper, ordered in a carpentry workshop.

In the old houses of the Khrushchev era, there is not enough space for a locker in the bathroom or in the kitchen, so you can close this place from prying eyes with an elegant curtain.

Cabinet equipment under the sink

You are lucky – the cabinet under the sink in the headset is present. Now it is necessary to fill its internal space with many useful things in the economy.

First of all, you need to buy a set of plastic boxes, attach a few hooks for hanging the brushes or install additional shelves in order to conveniently place all the improvised means for washing dishes and subsequent cleaning.

An important refinement is useful to any hostess – containers with household chemicals should be kept separately from brushes, sponges and protective gloves. In the far corner you can place those funds that you do not use daily, and in the foreground put everything you need for everyday cleaning.

Our domestic designers advise placing under the sink a standard set: a small trash can, water purification filters, if space allows, then a set of household chemicals, and on the doors you can attach hooks for hanging brushes, or special holders for storing other, needed by the hostess for cleaning, means.

Storage of vegetables under the sink is not recommended, for this purpose it is better to adjust other places in the kitchen.

We equip the cupboard under the sink in the bathroom

That's where the abundance of cosmetics and shampoos always gathers, so it's in the personal hygiene room: not to mention toothbrushes, tubes with paste, shaving foam and other attributes necessary for all family members.

To store all this not in sight, you can also adjust the space under the sink. The necessary items are still at hand, but do not clutter the shelves and make the space much more spacious.

For the placement of these products and items we use plastic containers, but covered with lids: where will be shampoos, shower gels, men's shaving accessories, and to quickly find everything – make inscriptions on top.

Tools for cleaning and washing the sink and bath should be stored in a spacious plastic bucket that does not take up much space. Under the sink can be placed rolls with paper napkins, toilet paper and even a first aid kit.

Original custodians will always help

Organizers are special modules designed for individual storage of small items. They are made of metal, wood or plastic – the budget option is the most in demand in specialized stores.

It is enough to measure the space of your locker under the sink, then to determine the name of the items for storage, and you can safely go to the nearest hardware store for a set of drawers and various hangers.

The most convenient, in the opinion of leading experts in these matters, are metal containers-baskets fixed inside on special screws: if necessary, simply pull them out and move them to another place to take advantage of the means that are stored in their compartments.

Quite convenient are the special devices installed on the doors of the cabinet – jars for storing toothbrushes, baskets for various sponges, as well as storage systems made of plastic with many compartments.

According to the designers, the most convenient for storing everything necessary is the so-called pull-out bottom – in this case the hostess can easily get all the funds and objects without much effort.

There are additional devices for storing various trifles: special rolling out baskets of metal mesh, stationary containers fixed on the walls of the cabinet or its doors.

The original open space solution

The industry also produces open tables under the sink in a rather bold design with shelves for storage of personal hygiene items, they are not suitable for everyone, but there are people who do not see anything special or strange about it.

In such a situation, designers advise not to overload the shelves with an abundance of items, because you risk drawing attention to the mess in your bathroom. In all it is necessary to observe the measure.

A few words at the conclusion of the article – we all like it when in the bathroom and in the kitchen all the attendant funds are behind closed doors of special cabinets. During cooking, it is enough to reach out and everything you need within reach.

But at the entrance to the kitchen, and even more so in the bathroom, you are greeted by cleanliness and order, which is appreciated by all, without exception, both the representatives of the stronger sex and the diligent mistresses.

I love everything that concerns the organization of storage in the kitchen, for me it is always an actual topic. The version of the curtain under the sink is not interesting for me, but to equip the locker, and it is quite possible to add containers there.

The organization of storage is always a hot topic for housewives. I, for example, put a trash can under the sink, but there are still a lot of places left. I believe that you can store chemistry under the sink. I will take some advice from this article. I liked the use of doors for hanging brushes and gloves.

Even under the sink should be the order and all the bottles should be in their places. I liked the idea with a sliding shelf, since it's convenient and you do not need to look in the closet to see what lies there. But the idea that instead of doors can hang the curtain, I did not really like it, somehow too simply looks. Excellent advice on the arrangement of the cupboard under the sink.

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