Organization of a working space in a modern kitchen – a photo of design ideas


Organization of the working space in the kitchen – today we present for your review design ideas that will make cooking an exciting activity!

1) The working surface is best placed just below the main countertop. In this case, it will be a little detached, which will facilitate the process of kneading and rolling out the dough. Special workstation greatly simplifies the work with the test, allows you to keep everything you need at your fingertips.

Very convenient installation – a special elevator with built-in technique for kneading dough, which is easily hidden and gets out of the kitchen cupboard.

The ideal surface for such a place, according to some cooks, is the marble countertop. Kitchen countertops of this material have a hard surface, which facilitates rapid cleaning, and low temperature marble is suitable for preparing products from yeast dough.

Other cooks agree to work only on the table top made of wood. Argumenting it by the fact that it is more ecological, warmer and the dough turns out much tastier.

2) To determine how much space you need and organize a storage system, get out all your baking trays, baking stands, boards, tools. Think about the stages of your work, where and how it would be convenient for you to place this or that object.

This is a very important point, because it depends on how comfortable you will feel in this zone. If space is not enough, then think about what items you use often, and which ones are not. The latter can be stored elsewhere.

3) In general, the organization of the workstation is an interesting work. Designers offer a large number of amazing ideas in order to break up the kitchen into several multi-functional zones.

For example, one cabinet from furniture for kitchen can be made on wheels so that, if necessary, push it and use it for its intended purpose. And after the work is done, just push it back. Built-in boxes serve as a place where you will store utensils: pots, plates, cups, etc.

Another good idea – the use of a table on the wheels as a temporary center for baking. In this case, you can put it next to the oven while cooking. Choose such a table so that the shelves are installed from the bottom.

Then you do not have to run from table to table. In addition, it is convenient when unexpected guests come. Suggesting to drink a cup of tea, you can place them behind a clean and uncluttered table, and themselves continue to create. Since the table is on wheels, it is easy to move it to a place convenient for you.

Very special aesthetically and luxuriously looks a special closet with a beautiful furniture fittings, where a place for the mistress is arranged. The main thing is to make sure that there is an opportunity to install sockets in it, and all household appliances will perfectly fit inside.

4) If you put a workstation at the intersection of the famous triangle – "sink-cooker-kitchen", you will save a lot of time and effort. It is not only convenient, but your kitchen will be divided into separate zones for cooking, as in the best restaurants.

5) Well, one more tip for the last: keep things within walking distance. Banks with spices, sauces, etc. must lie in one place so that at the right time you can quickly navigate and take the necessary thing. Create such a space that it looks not only beautiful, but also safe from the point of view of preserving all the useful properties of products.

Use sealed dishes and store food away from sudden temperature changes and water. In addition, do not forget to allocate a separate shelf for books with recipes, and if you use recipes from a tablet or phone, purchase special stands for them.

How many useful ideas to save space in the kitchen! "Lift" for kitchen appliances, and countertops of different levels, in my opinion, very convenient innovations. I want to use some options!

The working space in the kitchen can be equipped differently, at the request of the hostess, because the main thing is that it is convenient to cook and everything was at hand. I liked the idea that you can hide this space behind the doors and open only when you are going to cook. The main thing for me is for the kitchen to be in order, and all things were arranged in an individual order.

We are glad to welcome you on our kitchen design portal! Welcome to the world of professional design.

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