Open shelves in the kitchen interior – features, advantages and disadvantages


Today, we will present you with modern design options, which widely use racks and open shelves in the kitchen.

Today they are very popular, you can say, they are considered a real trend. That's understandable, because these magnificent designs guarantee an excellent overview of all the items placed on them, eliminating the constant need to look for something that is most needed at the moment.

Every thing is easily accessible, and they are always in sight.

In this interior, on both sides of the hood and the stove, there are several shelves, on which stacked plates, cups, bowls. Decor items occupy the upper tiers. Smooth surfaces last longer are kept clean, it is enough to wipe them from time to time with a damp cloth.

These shelves mainly store dishes for serving

Shelves can be installed in two or three tiers. On the lower, as a rule, are placed those items that are used daily. Coffee and tea cups – most often. This design does not allow anything superfluous. If you understand that some thing all the time is worthless, do not hesitate to hide it.

Really, do not you use 30 circles every day? Remember about safety: on the highest shelf there should not be too heavy things. Even if you rarely use a cast-iron gusatnitsey, twice think about the expediency of lifting it to a greater height.

A clever combination of colors

The most important thing is not to allow confusion and visual imbalances on the shelves. In this example, pay attention to the composition of many pialas – different in size and design, but show the same colors. They echo the design of the root of the cookbook. A simple paper bag is added for texture and geometric contrast.

Shelves full width of the wall instead of cabinets

When choosing dishes to be placed on open shelves, you need to think about how appropriate those or other objects in a particular interior will look. The composition to be formed should be harmonious and balanced from all points of view, and then it will give you a feeling of coziness, satisfaction and comfort. The owners of this kitchen took, in our opinion, the right decision, placing on the upper shelves light glass glasses and miniature containers of brushed metal.

The lower level is ideal for plates of different sizes, neatly folded into piles. It should be noted that the open designs are usually chosen by the hostesses, for whom there is no difficulty in maintaining cleanliness and order.

Compact kitchen seems more spacious

Shelves and shelving allow the interiors to look open and spacious. Premises of compact dimensions acquire a visual volume. However, in these cases, you should be careful.

Avoid an overabundance of things, try not to overload the shelves. Be sure to control the combination of colors in the composition. If you find it difficult to decide on the palette, choose your total whiteness. This is a win-win option for the interior of a small square.

With the help of the table and wall shelves, the space was divided into functional zones. Each of the educated areas is practical and cozy in its own way. In general, everything looks very harmonious.

The disadvantage of open surfaces is their unprotected from dust. Shelves have to be washed often. Items placed on them also require care. It is important to ensure that they are always neatly stacked, and the shelves are empty as little as possible. This photo is a confirmation that open systems are most often used to store tea and coffee accessories.

Three small, but very elegant shelves are extremely functional. The green branch of the fern decorates the composition. It would be appropriate and more vivid decor elements. They have the ability to bring freshness and novelty to the design.

All the necessary details are at hand

Items collected in one place should represent no more than two different materials. The proximity of metal, glass and ceramics will make the image unattractive and cumbersome. It is better if all accessories have a common visual sign, for example, transparency.

All dishes from one material – stylish and beautiful

It is correct and convenient to store flour, rice and other groceries in sealed containers. Place them in the immediate vicinity of the work area. The ideal choice will be transparent containers, since the products in them always have a fresh, healthy and appetizing look.

Containers of different volumes for bulk products

Clever solution – the placement of shelves near the dishwasher, stove and sink. There is no need to cruise throughout the kitchen to take or put in place daily used dishes, food and spices. It is only necessary to reach out to fold the washed dishes. Preparation of food will bring only pleasure, when all the necessary seasonings will be before your eyes.

Sufficiently wide shelves, the design of which supports the general concept of the interior, accommodates a huge amount of the most varied dishes. It is absolutely obvious that dust and fat will accumulate on objects close enough to the stove. Owners of kitchens with such designs have to especially monitor the order and cleanliness.

But to lose heart completely not because of what, therefore as smooth surfaces very easily give in to clearing. Regularly wiping the shelves from top to bottom, you guarantee them an attractive and neat appearance. Open storage systems are very beautiful, so care for them will not seem in vain and tiring.

One shelf can become the location of completely diverse objects. There are no strict rules prescribing to separate utilitarian accessories and decor items. The main thing is that they are combined in color, shape and texture.

Kashpo with live plants, Russian dolls, photos within – all these objects are endowed with expressive aesthetics, but they do not conflict at all with simple plates and loose products in glass containers. The main advantages of such compositions are naturalness and ease.

An interesting combination of diverse subjects

Create a sense of deliberate negligence in the interior with open shelves is not easy. Too thin is the line between this characteristic and untidiness. If you do not trust your taste to the fullest, try to follow a systematized scheme. Another tip: leave the top shelf unoccupied to facilitate cleaning and create the illusion of higher ceilings.

The upper shelf in this interior is devoid of a functional load

The most important thing to remember is that unmasked shelves and racks should be kept in order and clean. All items should be placed in harmony. Only in this case your kitchen will find that cozy and fashionable look, about which you always dreamed.

We are glad to welcome you on our kitchen design portal! Welcome to the world of professional design.

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