Open shelves in the interior of the kitchen: beautiful, comfortable and functional


On long shelves all spices and sauces will fit

One of the simplest ways to bring color, textural and stylistic diversity to the interior of the kitchen is the spectacular design of the so-called apron. Although this element can not be called purely decorative.

It really protects from the temperature influence and contamination the wall area above the plate and countertops. The kitchen apron design can be an infinite variety, and almost every one of them can be complemented with open shelves.

Including the shelves in the design of the above zone, you will make one more step towards the optimal use of the kitchen space. They are very practical. On the shelves you can store utensils for serving or beautiful objects that you especially want to demonstrate.

The section of the wall directly above the slab should remain free for safety reasons

Open shelves can be placed symmetrically on both sides of the plate

The dishes that you are going to store on open shelves, should be beautiful and match the nature of the interior

Shelves can be additionally illuminated from above, so that the items displayed on them look more advantageous

Laconism of steel shelves can be diluted with bright decor objects

Depending on the area of ​​free space, you can hang one or more shelves

Try to alternate decorative objects with utilitarian

Shelves can be made in the same style as the rest of the kitchen furniture

Sometimes it is wiser to store those dishes on open shelves that you rarely use

The color of the shelves can be contrasted with the apron

Custom kitchen modules can contain built-in shelves

The shelf configuration does not have to be standard

To make the most efficient use of space in a compact kitchen, you can place several shelves one above the other

Backlighting will not only make the design more expressive, but also provide comfort in the use of shelves

Open shelves will be useful not only in a small kitchen. Of course, they contribute to saving space, but often they are used for purely decorative purposes – to demonstrate stylish gizmos, antiques and festive dishes. In other words, open shelves are beautiful and practical.

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