Old kitchen gets a new look – white color as a win-win design solution


Today we will see how Julia Child's childhood kitchen was refreshed. This woman is a legendary American chef of French cuisine. Years of life: 1912-2004. She was born and raised in Pasadena (a California city in Los Angeles County).

Christine Harrison has always loved the beautiful colonial house 1909 of the year built in the center of Pasadena, located opposite her dwelling. Local legends say that Child grew up here, and this adds a little mystery and charm to the structure.

And in fact, Julia in the early childhood wandered through the rooms of this house. And just at the time when Christine and her husband were just married, Child's house was put up for sale. They decided it was a sign.

The couple lived here for ten years before they made the reconstruction, although they dreamed about it from the very beginning. Now that the couple brought up two teenage boys, she felt ready to breathe new life into this historic mansion.

The work was carried out with the support of his brother Christine, architect Warren Tementin. Designers Charmean Neithart Interiors also helped a lot.

The alteration of the house lasted almost two years. As in the kitchen, and in other parts of it, serious changes have occurred, so the masters were particularly important to do everything right.

Photos: Erica Birman.

The hostess always wanted to have a white stylish kitchen set, but she also dreamed of the blue tint of the Tiffany set that subdued her heart.

She said that she would like to choose such cabinets. But the designer suggested that this tone be added together with the ceiling panels and a more muted shade for furniture.

When the project was almost finished, the developers stumbled upon a photograph of Massachusetts cuisine by Julia Child.

The room was used in three of its television shows, which allowed to study the interior details and make cabinets of almost identical shade.

ceiling – Bali 702, Benjamin Moore

cabinets – White Dove OC-17, Benjamin Moore

The original culinary zone was narrow, the space in the galley style. Only one wall huddled all the cabinets and the stove, the layout was awkward, and there was a catastrophic lack of storage space.

During the repair, it was almost gutted to create conditions for a functional and open space.

In the antique shop designers found these charming art objects (they are depicted above). Three vintage paintings were in the original packaging, but a little damaged, and therefore they had to restore and frame the frame.

Thanks to these gizmos it turned out to perfectly decorate the room. Images of women shopping at the grocery store reminded the masters of Julia.

Works of art: vintage

Furniture fittings: Buckle Up collection

This vintage gas cooker Wedgewood 1950 years belonged to the new owner of the house long before she married. Therefore, to keep it in this kitchen was simply necessary at all costs.

But it went against the idea of ​​the designer, afraid that the new cabinets will be dwarfs compared to the stove. But it was pointless to argue.

Kitchen set: Charlton Cabinets

The stove was completely renovated and reinstalled, and it really decorates the room. The kitchen has become more authentic.

The oven creates a charming atmosphere, and provides an ideal counterbalance to modern elements, such as a working apron from Carrara marble.

Plate: renovated model Wedgewood 1950 years

Apron: 1 / 2 -inch different length mixed Carrara marble

The heart of the hostess conquered expensive, the colors of coffee grains, cork floors. Although they are thinner than wood or tiles. Kristin loves softness underfoot – it's perfect when you need to spend a whole day in the kitchen preparing a lot of dishes.

By the way, about food: she also wanted a giant refrigerator and a freezer. Two children, two adults and three dogs, as well as regular parties contributed to the manifestation of such a desire.

Lighting: Visual Comfort Cornice Hexagonal Flush Mount

In this house they adore parties. In addition to small family dinners, the hosts periodically organize large entertainment events for which the new French doors are the most suitable option. Expanded wide open, they allow you to miss at least a hundred guests, both inside and outside.

These countertops, as the designers of Charmean Neithart Interiors put it, are "bulletproof". In other words, they are ideal for a home where two teenage boys live at once.

Worktop: black Ceasarstone

The cabinet with glass double doors is located directly on the table top, in order to extend it, and also to allow the room to breathe more.

It has a lot of space for dishes, which is mainly used at parties. Dishes, plates and glass items, as well as some accessories for the kitchen, finally found a house that fenced them off from all troubles.

He, of course, is tall, but, since the owner of the house is not too low to reach the top shelf, a ladder is not needed.

The inside of the locker was decorated with wallpaper from Schumacher, adding to it an elegant element: light pastel colors are perfectly combined with the facade of the cupboard and its surroundings.

Wallpapers: Summer Palace Fret in Mineral, Schumacher

A capacious new sink with an elegant faucet makes washing dishes more enjoyable than it was before.

Crane: polished chrome, Bridge Faucet with Sidespray, Perrin & Rowe collection, Rohl

One piece of the room on the left was used as a large pantry for food, attached to the kitchen. Now that the repair is over, there seems to be a good balance between old and new, vintage and modern.

Maybe you already wanted to apply a retro style in the interior?

We are glad to welcome you on our kitchen design portal! Welcome to the world of professional design.

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