Nostalgic romanticism of vintage style – a selection of the most inspirational kitchen interiors


Bright and intriguing cuisine, something reminiscent of retro-cafes, which we see in American films 50-60-ies. Most likely, this impression is formed due to a combination of red, black and white colors with shiny metallic surfaces.

The kitchen plays an important role in the life of the family: we regularly eat food in its walls, gather at a meal with friends and family. So why not turn her boring, unremarkable space into something bold and daring, not paint in colors that will charge positive energy for the whole day and delight the look?

Exquisite Retro

But it is not always worthwhile to withstand the entire interior strictly in one style, sometimes only a few retro elements are enough: a plate, shelves, table or accessories. Select them in accordance with the finished design and try to highlight the general background with contrasting shades.

Stylish 50-e in cool colors

Suspended lights with charging portion of orange color, Meredith Ericksen

Clean lines and proportional combinations

Tiled decor with a glamor tint

Elegance 1930-x in the spirit of the bungalow, Brunelleschi Construction

Most impressive is the stylish, unusual kitchens, the interiors of which combine modern functionality and vintage uniqueness.

Simple and tasteful, Rick O'Donnell Architect

Vertical lines, John Malick & Associates

Harmony of white color and bright accents, Hammer & Hand

A unique motif in the design of the flooring, Crogan Inlay Floors

Focus on color

Modern interiors, as a rule, are based on neutral tones, which makes them a bit monotonous. Add brightness to animate space.

Playful Orange, Big Chill

Chairs in the style of funk-bar 70, Knight Architects

Sky blue in the spotlight

If you want to create a light and calm atmosphere in the kitchen, pay attention to a variety of shades of blue. They give the interior elegance, restraint and a sense of purity.

Red color energizes and pleases the eye, Knight Architects

Echoes of the distant 30, Louise de Miranda

Nostalgic luxury, A. Dodson's

A good idea is to use unusual kitchen appliances, in this case it's a refrigerator from SMEG. It impresses with its rounded outlines and a huge selection of possible shades.

Turquoise cuisine with modern overtones, Jeff Jones Snap It Photography

Classic design and modern trends

Juicy shades will give you inspiration for new achievements, and a harmonious combination of different directions and colors always looks rich and playful.

Appetizing apple-green, reminiscent of the rebellious 70, Applegate Tran Interiors

Sarah Phipps Design

Rich red and modern ergonomics, Wren Living

Speaking of retro style, everyone means something of his own. For some, these are bright colors and bold solutions, for others – glossy glossy surfaces that give praise to 70 and 80.

Modern elegance and charm

Art Deco, cult style 30-ies, Mal Corboy Design and Cabinets

Probably every mistress dreams of a spacious, bright and roomy kitchen. But the modest interior can also be planned competently and ergonomically, combining it with the dining room.

Here every breakfast will be like a small feast

An interesting interpretation of the retro interior, Bradshaw Designs

Bright juicy colors, stylish kitchen appliances, luxurious furniture and elegant outlines – it's all a cozy vintage style that continues to gain popularity and conquer the hearts of homeowners. Well, this is a worthy answer to a strict and slightly impersonal high-flow.

We are glad to welcome you on our kitchen design portal! Welcome to the world of professional design.

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