Non-standard interiors of kitchens without upper cabinets


The main trend of modern design ideas is the interiors of kitchens without upper cabinets. Going to a more open kitchen with free space allows you to make the room easy and simple. Cumbersome racks remain in the past, and they are replaced by various non-standard ideas for the organization of a vacant seat.

Solid long shelf

Instead of the upper row of cabinets, you can arrange a shelf that extends all the way down. This option frees the space, and preserves the functionality of the space, which is very convenient for small kitchens. Especially stylish design looks, when the shelf is made of the same material as the table top.

Suspension bar for storage

Minimalists, no doubt, will like an oblong metal bar, on which you can hang dishes and other kitchen accessories. For example, copper structures look great, which blend well with any table top materials.

Suspended shelves

Some designers use a combination of the two previous options. On metal pipes over the top are hanging shelves, which according to the functional actually repeat the cabinets.

If the headset is not located next to the wall, then a small hanging shelf will provide the same storage space as the cabinet, but it will have a smaller visual weight.

Some old designs use designs that are essentially cabinets without front and side walls. This is convenient, for example, for storing spices or other items. Especially stylish will look metal shelves in commercial premises (canteens, restaurants) with open kitchens.

Open storage boxes

The traditional style of the kitchen can be supported by designs that are close to cabinets, but occupying less space. Open small boxes without doors can be arranged in any order, thereby adding a zest to the interior.

In addition, you can use the original whole design, which consists of many sections, in which groups of different groups of things are packed, which is very convenient in large kitchens.

The idea is not bad for the minimalists, many housewives dream of such beauty, but often lock their lockers to such that they do not close and locks can break, but here the benefits on the face, the shelves are always in sight, there will not be any repairs to the doors, creaks when you open it will not be the same, which is not unimportant. An interesting idea, the article deserves a higher ball!

It's a good idea not to use the closets on the wall, which makes the room much larger, especially if the area is not large. The main thing is for the hostess to have a place where she will put the dishes, and not try to push the pots into one drawer each time. But here without shelves, perhaps, not to do, and open shelves also look interesting.

The top cabinets really take up a lot of space. Getting rid of them, you can significantly expand the kitchen space. From personal experience I can say that a solid shelf is one of the most practical solutions. You can absolutely place everything the same, but there are more places and access to things faster.

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