Non-banal ideas for creating an eclectic style bedroom


One theme, one color, one texture or a single idea – all this does not contribute to the organization of an interesting space in the style of eclecticism.

Strange, but different things, mixed with each other, bring a feeling of carelessness in the room.

By what things can you create a completely eclectic interior?

Today, visitors to the Interiors Room Portal will learn how to create a stylish and unusual environment in their home.

Interesting works of art

Whether it's cute trinkets or expensive, collected by years of paintings – there must necessarily be a curious collection adorning the walls of the bedroom.

This, of course, will give the room a vivid look and show the owner's personal taste.

Presence of bright patterns

Inhomogeneous patterns can be on carpet and walls, on walls and bed, on a bed and carpet.

Spicy detail can be even curtains with an unimaginable pattern.

Regardless of where the patterns are located, their presence in the bedroom is very interesting.

You need to use at least two different pictures, and the more, the merrier.

The main thing is to pay attention to the color and size of the decor elements, so that the imitation of the disorder was unique and stylish.

Amazing chair

Perhaps you need a place where you can safely read or think about daily activities.

In any case, the presence of an unusual chair with a special design will bring the spirit of eclecticism into the room.

Furniture and chairs for the realization of such an idea are easy to find, and sometimes they are made independently.

Unusual watches

Add the clock as a collage to the wall or place it on the nightstand.

The diverse shapes and designs of watches are in a great variety presented in stores.

Eclectic space is needed in this piece of interior, for example, as an original addition and bedroom decoration.

Significance of the lighting zone

A large floor lamp, an old Victorian lamp on the table or a huge chandelier – the bedroom requires the presence of a "room sun" that attracts attention.

The light source should not be simple, but original and inspiring.

Let it be a work of art reflecting the overall aesthetics of the room.

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Eclectic style, probably, will not suit everyone, it's an amateur. But for fans – an amazing article! I was especially impressed by the original patterns and, of course, different antique watches bring a special spirit of time to the interiors of the rooms.

The bedroom in the style of eclecticism will appeal to people who love old and unusual things. I think many have interior items that are a pity to throw out, but in the style of eclecticism they will be quite appropriate and will give a special charm to your room. You can do without objects, and for example, hang curtains with a bright pattern, it also looks super!

Welcome to the Design Room! Here you will find a collection of interiors of apartments and individual rooms. Start a journey around the world of design with us!

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