Niches in the bathroom: 12 examples of an ideal interior


Chaos and only chaos reigns on the shelves in any room, wherever the foot of a man steps! Especially if this room is your bathroom. Surely from your own experience, you know that the shelves on the suckers are short-lived, and even their metal composition is completely contaminated and often rusts. Niches in the bathroom, placed directly in your shower – the best solution.

In this article, you will find 12 wonderful examples of niches built into the shower cubicles that are easy to clean and that never (we promise!) Never fall.

1. Such niches help to place all your things even in small apartments, especially in the shower!

2. Built-in storage in this shower have a different length, which allows you to place different jars and bottles.

3. This niche has hidden lighting , highlighting shampoos and soap. Convenient and beautiful!

4. The long shelf built into this shower room , – a great place to store gels for the shower, shampoos and hair conditioners.

5. And this niche has three sections , which allows several people to store their personal hygiene items in various places.

6. This niche and mirror is an indispensable combination to remove makeup right in the shower!

7. This shower has two high niches and a small additional shelf , which can be used for storage at the first necessity.

8. These shower and bath are separated from the rest of the bathroom space with the help of remarkable niches, ideally suited for storing all the necessary things.

9. A shelf in this shower enclosure fits perfectly with the white tile , thus complementing the interior of the bathroom.

10. Stone furnish of shower and toilet areas in this bathroom is advantageously highlighted by niches for the bathroom.

11. The niche in this bathroom does not take up much space , but look how necessary it is!

12. The niche in this green bathroom is covered with tiles of the same color .

. so do not worry that such niches for the bathroom will become a hindrance in the interior of your bathroom!

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