Neon lighting in the kitchen: 12 exclusive examples of the use of advertising gas in a home interior


Blue is the most popular when it comes to the neon lighting of the kitchen. It is pleasant to the eyes, does not irritate the eyesight, can be saturated and simultaneously neutral. However, the spatial design of kitchen facilities, with the help of neon lights, is not limited to only blue shades. Often used white, green, yellow and even red.

Consider a number of concepts on the integration of flickering neon lights in the overall interior of the kitchen.

A good idea, according to the visual allocation of a certain space, is the neon highlighting of the contours of tables, bar counters and ovens. This allows you to divide the space into small compound islands, providing individuality to each of them.

The ceiling niche, originally underlined by the interior light, smoothly passing from the kitchen to the living room, organically connects this room with the rest of the house.

Pay attention to the following interior: mirrored floors, the continuation of which is the marble bar of the bar, and a bright red selection of the working area, effectively contrasting with the overall light background. All this brilliant splendor is reflected in the snow-white ceilings, literally emitting a gentle light from within. Truly, the ideal classic neon lighting arrangement.

Light neon elements, mounted in niches of hanging cabinets, impress the imagination with their unique color combination with the evening sky, a beautiful view that opens through the opened doors of glass doors leading to a spacious terrace.

The blue – green shade perfectly creates a radiant and joyful image of space. Such an original decorative element, like a red coffee table, will look perfectly in harmony with neon lighting of neutral color. This will fill the whole house with a cozy atmosphere with an element in the Art Nouveau style.

If you are at a loss with the choice of the color gamut of the backlight, stop at the classical white version. This color will successfully emphasize the height of the ceilings, and also contribute to the visual expansion of space.

Placement of neon lights in unexpected places is also a successful design decision. For example, the soothing blue color, pouring out from under the stairs, perfectly contrasts with the modern kitchen set made in warm golden colors.

Unobtrusive glow, flowing over the top of the cabinet, gives the atmosphere a touch of mystery. There is a feeling that somewhere there, behind the set, is hidden the treasure, which makes this fittings element the semantic center of the kitchen interior composition.

If your set is made in bright colors, it is appropriate to highlight a blue backlight, an area on the wall, under the ceiling. This will ensure the creation of a special outline, highlighting pink cabinets on the overall background, creating a unique colorful space.

There is nothing more spectacular than placing small neon lights on the ceiling. LEDs of white and blue colors illuminate the kitchen, creating a sense of the presence of many of the ghostly lights of St. Elm. On the white planes of modern cuisine are arranged light blue accents. At the same time on the blue surfaces are highlighted light lines of illumination, filling the space with the harmony of two colors.

The following picture deserves special attention: the upper part of the volumetric niche of a rectangular shape is equipped with a neon ribbon of red color, installed along the entire perimeter of the structure. This is a wonderful way to accent the entire interior design on this element, making the main space all under it.

Using neon lights is an excellent solution for splitting zones or highlighting a certain space. Most liked shades of blue and white in neon lighting.

I never thought that neon lights could fit into the interior of the kitchen. This is a very bright element, mounted in the niches of hanging cabinets, or under the ceiling perfectly allows you to expand the space. And yet, it fits perfectly into both the female and male interior. Always thought it was the prerogative of men.

Neon lighting is an excellent alternative to the lamp-sconce in the kitchen. At night, in the kitchen you can leave neon lighting with a pleasant neutral color, so that you can drink water at night, not including bright light. Proper neon lighting will help you revive the interior of the kitchen, make it interesting and unique.

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