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No matter how many leaps forward, no matter what new high-tech building and finishing materials do not appear, and for natural raw materials there will always be a place in our interiors .. In modern kitchen space designs, eco-materials that are safe for people and the environment . After all, it is impossible to replace the natural warmth of a real tree. Not only in suburban households, but also in urban areas, designers all over the world use wood for furniture, facing various surfaces, the production of decorative elements and accessories.

Let's take a closer look at how to introduce a tree into the modern design of the kitchen space of various stylistic directions.

Of course, the first style that pops up in the memory of any homeowner who was going to make repairs of the kitchen using wood is country. Different directions of country stylistics in one way or another are associated with the use of natural materials in the interior of premises and the tree, of course, is at the head of the list of eco-raw materials. Even the ultramodern design of a kitchen premise can contain elements of wood furnish or furniture and at the same time it does not lose its progressiveness and manufacturability.

Surface Finishing with Wood

In many kitchen spaces of country houses, you can see the cladding with wooden panels not only of floors, but also walls, ceiling. With the help of wooden beams, ceiling ceilings are being constructed, columns are being erected, window and door openings are being made. At the same time, the latest trends in eco-design tend to leave the wood not painted, in a natural color palette. Thus, the interior becomes closer to nature, to the warmth of the environment.

Wooden decoration can look modern. For example, this light kitchen in classic style with country elements looks clean and fresh, thanks to the light wood, which is faced with walls, floors and a white kitchen ensemble from storage systems and open shelves.

In this kitchen, wooden panels of light wood were used for wall cladding, a spectacular dark grout fits in tone to the countertops and kitchen apron. The lower level of the kitchen cabinets is made of the same raw material as the kitchen decoration. As a result, a modern room with a contrasting interior turned out.

A wooden ceiling with beams, a floor covering from wood – such registration of a country kitchen already to surprise nobody. But in combination with kitchen cabinets and an island of the same material, the kitchen looks quite rural, bringing the character of country life literally into every piece of furniture.

In this country kitchen, despite the active use of wood of various breeds, it was possible to preserve the spirit of modernity and modernism.

The total decoration of small kitchens with wooden panels created an ideal interior option for a country house. By painting one of the walls in the color of a young foliage, it was possible to create an accent surface that was repeated in the seats of bar stools, again wooden ones.

In this snow-white kitchen-dining room with a minimalist design, the walls and floors of wood are whitewashed to the unrecognizability of the material. The space is literally filled with light and freshness of snow-white decoration.

In this unusual kitchen, interesting design solutions are enough – not only the use of different types of wood for finishing surfaces, contrasting ceiling and design of the hood, but also the original execution of the kitchen island in the form of a counter.

Russian motives in this eclectic cuisine with pronounced country elements manifested themselves, first of all, in the decoration of the walls – the log masonry became the highlight of the room. Light mint color of kitchen cabinets, deep blue shade of textiles for windows, original lighting system – everything works to create an extraordinary interior of country cuisines.

For kitchen spaces of small sizes, the ideal option for decorating surfaces using a tree will be light colored rocks that can visually expand the room. The same effect is facilitated by the use of glass inserts in the doors of kitchen cabinets, mirror and glossy surfaces.

The wooden ceiling with abundant use of beams of various configurations, together with the decoration of the stones of one of the walls, brought country touches to the modern design of this spacious kitchen.

A small room of the kitchen needed not only white cabinets and household appliances, but also a light wood for ceiling ceilings, supports, countertops and flooring.

Wooden decoration of the ceiling and floor, window and door openings in this kitchen with country style, sheltered the system of combined cabinets in a painted and natural form. The deep, dark tone of the kitchen furniture has become a contrasting complement to the interior.

Another example of a kitchen in which dark painted cupboards became a highlight among the total wood decoration of virtually all surfaces of the room. The original dining group in beige tones with an unusual chandelier above it, complemented the interesting design of the kitchen space.

Wood species of two contrasting shades became the basis of interior decoration in a modern style with elements of country. The saturated, deep color of the ceiling seems to hang over the light, airy palette of kitchen cabinets and flooring. Steel, chrome and glossy surfaces bring the spirit of modernity and progress to the interior.

The use of a wall painted in bright color as an accent is a fairly common technique. And what about the cabinet in bright blue color? Among wood decoration, this piece of furniture looks like a focus of attention.

Kitchen cabinets made of wood

One of the most common uses for natural material is furniture. Modern kitchen interiors are increasingly inclined to imitate the natural material, MDF is used for the production of furniture sets, but the solid wood does not lose its popularity as a material for furnishing, although it is more expensive.

The use of the original color of wood in the manufacture of kitchen storage systems allows us to achieve interesting design solutions within the framework of kitchen interiors. Even small rooms where it is necessary to place a dining room in addition to the kitchen, perfectly take wood at their stop, it is important only that the finish is predominantly light. In this case, the wood of the kitchen set looks most advantageous.

In this traditional kitchen the tree is literally everywhere – as a material of furniture, in a floor covering and design of windows and doors. And for a country house to think up a better option will be quite difficult.

Another example of how you can actively use wood in the modern interior of the kitchen – even as a print on wallpaper. The dark, brown-gray wood paneling of kitchen cabinets and flooring has become an excellent partner for the metallic shine of household appliances, glass surfaces and modern pendant lights.

An interesting way of using wood for making kitchen furniture can be to combine colored surfaces and material in its natural form. A white and white palette of the kitchen set was complemented by white table tops and stools, as well as a wooden dining table.

And this is an example of combining different types of wood within the same raw material for the production of kitchen furniture. The original palette of furniture can become the basis of the concept of retro-style for both suburban and urban cuisine.

Cabinets made of wood look great against the background of the brickwork, repeating some of its shades. Mixing the styles of country and loft in one space was the result of the appearance of the original and personalized kitchen interior.

Kitchen ensemble of light wood includes not only the cabinets and drawers, but also the island of the original round form, and a dining group consisting of a table with a round glass top and chairs with wicker seats.

Surprisingly harmonious look kitchen cabinets of unpainted wood in the interior of the modern style kitchen. A dark breed of wood has entered into a comfortable alliance with the glitter of glass and mirror surfaces.

Even a small kitchen in classical power can organically take a capacious set made of natural wood, without losing a single gram of luxury and comfortable charm.

The contrast combination of light wood and dark shades of countertops and household appliances has become the basis for the design concept of this country kitchen. It seems that all available surfaces of the room were used to accommodate storage systems. As a result, an incredibly spacious kitchen set of wood with the original coloring turned out.

Kitchen cabinets of unpainted wood and stone decoration – two pillars of country style, on which there are many interiors, including modern ones.

Wooden dining room for the kitchen-dining room

Even in the modern design of the kitchen, the dining group of wood will look organic, because in itself it already constitutes a complete ensemble. It is necessary only to choose models of chairs and a table suitable for the style of the interior, and also to take into account the color combinatorics.

In this spacious, bright kitchen, not only kitchen cabinets are made of wood, but also a dining table and chairs that have been painted in light gray color to bring a harmonious connection with the shades of stone facing over the work surfaces.

This original combined dining group of light wood in tone to furnish and kitchen furniture has become a highlight of this space. The warmth of light wood successfully compensates for the cold shine of surfaces of household appliances and accessories.

In a slightly decadent country kitchen, in addition to using wood to make cabinets, walls and floors, unusual wood was used to make the kitchen island countertop, which also serves as a dining table. Dark classical chairs made of wood complemented the composition of the dining group.

Another example of a wooden dining area, which is surrounded by a total wood finish. A warm, rusty shade of wood has become the basis of the concept of cuisine for a hunting lodge or country homeownership.

Wooden bar stools made of light wood around the kitchen island created a harmonious, original ensemble, which decorated the light kitchen, introduced an element of lightness.

And this dining area consists of a large table with wooden benches, which, of course, is in the spirit of this minimalist cuisine with elements of postmodernism.

Rustic country in a "wooden" kitchen

Often kitchen interiors in country style are supplied with rustic elements – deliberately rough furnish, untreated wood, use of logs instead of columns, hemp in quality of supports or small seats. Such objects not only introduce some brutality into the interior of the kitchen, unrestraint, but also give the environment a more lively, natural appearance.

This kitchen is in the style of Mediterranean country, with its dark ceiling beams, arched windows, deliberately aged materials of furnish and furnishings, the use of ceramic tiles in azure colors – everything works to create a unique and cozy environment of the home kitchen-dining room.

Even the ultramodern design of the kitchen space can take a rustic element that looks as if it had just been brought from the street. The original design of the dining table matches the material with the floor covering, bringing the warmth of nature to this realm of silvery shades of stainless steel.

This wooden extension of the kitchen island was not the only rustic element of this quite traditional cuisine. The base of the island and sliding sliding doors are made of almost unprocessed boards, the same material was used to make open shelves for dishes. As a result, the classical cuisine has become a bit rural, filled with great comfort and home warmth.

Cabinets, tables, ceilings and beams are all made of wood. But, despite the abundance of wood, the kitchen space looks modern and advanced, thanks to the cement floor covering, the gloss of stainless steel on household appliances and the kitchen apron, the radiance of steel chairs and stools.

Another example of how in the space of modern kitchen with shiny, chrome surfaces can successfully integrate the wooden finish in its natural form.

A kitchen island that looks more like a huge stump with a table top, original stools, all this in a compartment with a universal wooden finish of different shades creates a unique interior of the country kitchen, which is difficult to forget and difficult to repeat in your own home.

Ceiling beams with wormholes and roughnesses comfortably adjoin the neat execution of contrasting cabinets of open and closed type. The originality of the room is given by an unusual decor and lighting system.

It is difficult to say to which style this kitchen space gravitates more – country or minimalism. Rough wood meets the sheen of stainless steel and the coolness of the stone coverings.

Such an abundance of wooden surfaces and furniture in one space is not often found. Rusticism of the interior was manifested in the use of logs as pillars and ceiling beams. Narrowly rough finish of the room meets with the refined luxury of wood carved furniture of various shades. Completed the unusual image of the country kitchen original bar stools-armchairs made of dark wood.

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