Modernity and rustic style in the interior of a compact kitchen in San Diego


The owners of this kitchen, located in the suburbs of San Diego, at one point realized that they could not opt ​​for one design for their own. Modern, laconic images they liked as well as warm countryside. But why choose anything at all?

Jim Groen and his team from Jackson Design and Remodeling decided to combine the two directions in a stylish, balanced interior. Kitchen area is only 21 square. The meter became visually more spacious due to joining the dining room and living room.

The old pantry was dismantled, so it became possible to organize the layout more competently. Elements from restored wood and durable materials uniquely combine in this functional space, making it incredibly warm, concise and fresh.

Modern tiles and cabinets structure the space of the kitchen, emphasizing the purity of its lines. Wanting to make textured variety in the interior and stay within the concept of the project, Groen used remodeled wood trim in the finish of the island, and then supplemented the composition with stool-style stools.

The island itself – quite impressive in size, topped with a quartz mocho-colored table top – is designed for the free accommodation of four people. On the front side of it there are cabinets and boxes for storing utensils and equipment, and on the side – open shelves for cooking books.

The high quality and impeccable style of the plate from DCS did not greatly affect its cost, which was the reason for the choice of designers. Fully open shelves add a few strokes to the horizontally oriented decor of the wall.

Initially, the kitchen was separated from the dining room and living room by bearing walls. The ceilings in all rooms were of different heights. First of all, Groen and his colleagues decided to dismantle the storeroom, partially blocking the entrance to the kitchen.

The newly formed space seems even wider due to the ceiling of the open structure, which shows beams and ceilings. Industrial lamps and metal chairs add a couple more notes of modernity to the interior.

The chalkboard placed on the wall at the entrance to the kitchen is a tribute to the artistic nature of the owner of the house. The couple have a fairly energetic dog, so they chose a vinyl flooring as a floor covering for the kitchen and dining room.

White quartz countertops, which are located on both sides of the shell in a rustic style, form a comfortable working area. A retractable compartment with garbage cans and a dishwasher facilitate the cleaning process.

After the reconstruction, the kitchen did not become bigger in absolute terms. But, according to the owners themselves, now she does not need it. Just a few reasonable solutions helped to completely transform the space and meet the requirements of customers for visual design.

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