Modern trends in the design of kitchen sinks


Design of kitchen sinks – a nonstandard solution to standard problems

Design of sinks for the kitchen assumes a variety of shapes, sizes and materials. You can easily find a model for your budget, which at the same time fits perfectly into the interior.

Excellent design of the sink for modern kitchen

The company Kapito Muller Interiors wonderfully won the black and white contrast, a little diluted this combination of brass parts. The result was a luxurious stylish kitchen.

Contrast shell from Kapito Muller Interiors

Jute chose a different contrast, but also used metal trim to create a beautiful combination. In this case, the white is perfectly combined with both the chrome-plated mixer and the matt sink.

Design of a sink from Jute

Angle models are an excellent solution, since they allow each centimeter to be used rationally – otherwise the angle would look empty.

Corner sink from Goldfish Interiors

Brilliant Metal

Tanned brass is less common than stainless steel. It looks antiquated in a good sense of the word, so you can add a twist to the design of the kitchen.

Brass sink from Studio Lab Decor

The advantage of stainless steel is that it is cheaper and perfectly combined with any material. However, such shells can look too simple. Designer Jasper Morrison solved this problem by covering the product with a wooden lid.

Sink with a wooden lid

Double sink stainless steel

"Farm" shells

"Farmers" shells do not give up their positions. And today their design is no longer limited to white. They are made of all kinds of materials.

A novelty in the design of kitchens is a double sink of a farm type, made of stone. It can look both modern and traditional, depending on the interior.

Double "farm" shells


Marble is an ideal material for the shell, but it requires more thorough care. But, on the other hand, he looks incredible.

Although the stone is considered a hard material, it lends itself to the sculptor's hand. So from it you can make bizarre shells.

Double bowls

Double sinks are ideal for pedantic users: in one bowl you can wash food and leave a second for dirty dishes.

In shallow shells it is not very convenient to wash dishes, they are intended for fruits and vegetables. However, they should not look ordinary. Wavy ceramic model from the company Villeroy & Boch breaks this stereotype.

Sink from Villeroy & Boch

Shallow shells

A sink does not have to be deep. Modern trends tend to small pieces of furniture. So you can choose a model with a shallow bowl, which will still be quite spacious.

This kind of shell is presented in various forms. In front of you is a stainless steel model from Dornbracht.

Sink from Dornbracht

Deep shells

They can be built into the kitchen cupboard or island. Of the materials, the last trend is chased copper. It looks great and fits any style.

Wrought copper shell

In this example, copper is perfectly combined with hardened brass on a mixer and untreated wood on a kitchen pencil case.

Unique designs of modern shells

Have you ever seen a waterfall wash? This flow of water in the kitchen looks very unusual.

The shell from the company Boffi also turned out to be unique due to the futuristic design.

The original solution was a rotating faucet, which ensures the flow of water into both bowls. One of them, incidentally, is more like a stand for drying utensils.

Below are two narrow shells, which, apparently, perform different functions. Very unusual design decision.

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