If you’re in the market for a new light fixture, you may be considering a modern rectangular chandelier. There are many designers who have created these pieces over the years. Some of these include Kinkeldey, Ernesto Gismondi, and Vistosi. Whether you’re looking for a chandelier to brighten up your living room or dining room, or simply want to add an accent to your existing decor, a modern rectangular chandelier is a great option.

Classic rectangular chandeliers

If you’re in the market for a new chandelier, consider a contemporary rectangular one. They are a great way to mix and match with your existing decor, while still remaining classic. You can also purchase an ultramodern version to add modern details to a traditional setting. The key is to choose a piece that catches the eye while also working efficiently.

A modern rectangular chandelier is an excellent choice for a dining room or kitchen. Its weathered metal frame features a decorative pattern and four tiers of teardrop-shaped crystals for a warm glow. This shape is also distinctive for its three intersecting geometries. It is lined with multi-directional LED lights.

Sputnik chandeliers

Sputnik chandeliers are an excellent choice for a mid-century modern home. With a spherical shape and solid bars, this style adds instant style to any room. These fixtures are also great for replacing the standard overhead light fixture in the bedroom. This retro-inspired style is available in a variety of styles, including modern, retro, and industrial.

These fixtures come in three sizes. The 6 light version is designed for entryways and dining rooms, while the 8-light option is a great choice for a master bedroom. Both sizes are adjustable and available in multiple finishes.

Kinkeldey chandeliers

The Kinkeldey family of chandeliers is famous for their high quality crystals, which give off a warm glow when illuminated. This lighting manufacturer was established in Germany in the 1960s and is known for producing high quality lighting fixtures. This company is also known for its smaller base size sockets, which allow multiple light bulbs to be placed in one fixture without the bulbs being overly bright.

The Kinkeldey chandelier is a unique example of mid-century modern design. This chandelier is comprised of four tiers of deep faceted rectangular crystal prisms suspended from a polished brass ceiling cap. The faceted glass in the shade provides a bi-color effect and has five candelabra bulb holders. It was originally manufactured in Austria but has been converted to American standards. It accommodates 300 watts of light.

Ernesto Gismondi chandeliers

If you’re looking for an elegant chandelier for your living room or bedroom, the Ernesto Gismondi modern rectangular chandelier is a great choice. Gismondi, who founded the Italian company Artemide in 1959, was a visionary and pioneer of the design spirit. His work has garnered several design awards and recognition, including the Compasso d’Oro and European Design Prize.

Gismondi’s work combines distinctive shapes, functional clarity, and an emotional dimension. For example, his Nur pendant light exudes calm and is reminiscent of a bent boat chimney. Many of his lamps also use modern LED technology. Gismondi’s goal was to create art that reflected his ideas and evoked a sense of well-being.

Vistosi chandeliers

Modern rectangular Vistosi chandeliers have a brass canopy and are made of 204 pieces of Murano glass. They are available in many different styles and designs. The lighting in these modern chandeliers will help create an elegant atmosphere in any room. They are available online for purchase and can be delivered to your door.

Rectangular chandeliers are the latest trends in home lighting. These versatile fixtures are ideal for modern rooms with minimalist decor. It is important to choose the right size for your room, as well as the right ceiling height. A large rectangular chandelier will suit a room with a high ceiling, while a compact chandelier will fit a smaller space. Rectangular chandeliers are often used to separate rooms, so they can be placed in different areas of a room.


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