Modern modular systems for the living room: out of the excess furniture


Modern modular system for living room, decorated in gray tones

Modern modular living room systems are increasingly used in interiors. Such systems are universal, they can be selected for any situation. They perfectly merge with the interiors and look like its integral part. Especially elegant modules look in the design interiors.

A series of furniture compositions Scavolini – the embodiment of refinement and versatility. The authors have thought through every detail. All projects created by Giugiaro Design offer something exceptional, demonstrating the huge potential of modular systems.

Huge modular system for the whole wall

Each element of this system gently poured into the next. Smooth shapes are a key feature of the modern style of the interior. Also you can notice how special racks and cabinets are organically combined with the interior and other dining room furniture.

A small table complements this system

The module, standing along the wall of the living room, serves to store books

Gorgeous yellow inserts

Cool blue color

Modular system in light colors

Angular module connecting two perpendicular walls

This module seems to float above the floor

This modular system looks like an addition to a brick wall

White gloss in modern modular system for living room

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Modular systems are just a smart idea. They perfectly complement any interior and will fit into it perfectly. In addition, this option is suitable for residential and non-residential premises of various sizes – for both large and small. In general, the universal thing.

I like the trend in the design of apartments in recent years: it became fashionable to install modern modular systems for the living room. This is convenient and practical, because it is always possible to create something new from the modules, and you can use the standard options and schemes indicated by the furniture manufacturer.

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