Modern lighting design of the kitchen interior – interesting design solutions with natural lighting


Today we will try to reveal several secrets of lighting in the kitchen, interior decoration. And their content will not concern ordinary stylistic devices, but will have a relation to the so-called magic of light. It's hard to believe, but sometimes ordinary lighting elements, with their competent application, can work wonders, the effect of which will surpass all your expectations.

Before you start to think about the question concerning the lighting device of your kitchen, pay attention to the possibility of using dimmers or, as they are also called in French manners, variators. Such products help to control the level of lighting, which saves energy and allows you to choose the most current light regime depending on the time of day and weather conditions.

Dimers are special devices whose operation is based on changing the position of the mechanical switch or affecting a special touch panel. This allows you to choose a model with the most appropriate visual characteristics with such an existing external variety, that in no way negatively affect the already existing design, but on the contrary even transform it.

It is worth remembering that many dimmers do not work with most fluorescent lamps.

Presented to your attention kitchen, helps to visually see all the opportunities that open with the use of modern lighting sources. LED floodlights built into the suspended ceiling and large windows, which are the source of abundant sunlight, create a sufficiently high level of illumination in their interaction, which makes this kitchen seem spacious and filled with an incredible sense of freedom.

A special illumination, located under the cupboards, creates a whimsical play of shadows, and the workplace, which is the kitchen countertop, makes it more functional, which naturally affects the process of preparing dishes and their taste.

Special lamps, thanks to their smooth forms, make an element of a certain grace and airiness in the general image of the kitchen interior. An additional amount of light, which is formed due to the presence of similar models, gives the room an even more stylish and modern look.

If you can use the sun's rays as the main source of lighting, you can try to apply this kind of design in your case.

Large panoramic windows that replace the usual walls, allows the sun's rays to freely penetrate into the room, which is not only a way to save money, by reducing the electricity used to operate artificial light sources, but also a way to create an unusual design. Such an interior blurs the boundaries between the walls of the premises of your house and the street space, which creates the appearance of complete unity with the environment.

To create such an interior, it is necessary to pay attention to the sides of the world, because the light of the northern side is more gentle, but it may not be enough in the cold season. The southern side is more saturated in terms of light supply, but summer days can bring unnecessary heat and discomfort, which will be undesirable to neither you nor your loved ones.

The problem of the southern location can be solved by installing various blinds and shutters, as well as various green spaces, in the form of trees and bushes, which is not only beautiful, but also beneficial for health.

The maximum removal of objects that form a natural obstacle to the penetration of sunlight is a method that should also be emphasized. The kitchen, equipped with large windows, should not be cluttered with a large number of wall cabinets. Try to leave this space as free as possible, and place all kitchen utensils on the lower tiers, or on a special rack located above the kitchen island. This method will saturate your room with sunlight and create a bright and rainbow mood.

The color scheme of the kitchen area in this case should not abound in dark tones, but have light calm bed colors that will look very harmonious and free.

To create the most comfortable conditions necessary for the realization of all your culinary fantasies, you need sufficient lighting of the workplace. The light source can be small windows located just in the zones where the main cooking process takes place. In addition, you can always draw inspiration by looking at the landscapes of the surrounding beauties, and the moment of natural ventilation will also not be superfluous.

The glass roof is a win-win option, which not only will be the basis of the entire design of your kitchen, but will fill it with an uncontrollable and insane stream of sunlight. Kind of gentle clouds floating in the sky, or bright stars winking at you in the dark evenings, will inspire you and inspire a lot of emotions, characterized by exceptionally positive factors.

In the absence of natural light sources, one can emphasize the peculiarity of the design of their home. Thanks to the bright elements of the interior, reflecting the sun's rays, such a kitchen will not lack in light, borrowing it from the elements of the second floor.

When decorating the interior of the kitchen, try to use more mirror surfaces, which can be the outside, both kitchen cabinets and countertops. Various hoods and process equipment, as well as floor covering – are elements that can also be used as a kind of mirror surfaces. Such objects will create a glare that fills the whole kitchen with light, even when the number of lighting devices installed in this room is minimal.

In order to make the most rational use of the given possibilities concerning the design process of the lighting design, you must know one of the main characteristics of all the main types of lighting devices.

Incandescent lamps allowed our ancestors to avoid the need to use candles and other sources of open fire as lighting. Now, these lamps are used quite actively, despite the fact that they have a number of shortcomings, among which the following positions can be singled out: significant electricity consumption; relatively short lifespan; insufficient amount of light, especially for low-power models.

Fluorescent lamps also do not have enough lifetime, but unlike incandescent lamps, they consume a small amount of electricity, or rather a third of the volume of their analogues. In addition, the amount of light reproduced by such products, also inspires respect.

Another drawback that you just need to know when buying such lamps is the mercury content in some of the models, which, if broken, is a clear threat to human health.

LED lamps, even despite their high cost, are the most preferable option, due to the longer duration of operation (almost 6 times higher than other analogues) and the abundance of light reproduced by the product.

When buying light bulbs, pay attention to the packaging in which they are realized, the information indicated on it will allow you to learn a lot about not only the power of the model, but also the brightness of the light spectrum it radiates.

The color ruler will allow you to adjust the lighting level of your kitchen, choosing only those models whose brightness level is most appropriate in case of your interior.

Such a concept as the color temperature, the scale of which is also represented in the figure, can be used by you in the process of design design and giving it a different thematic subtext. Warm or cold spectra, depending on their characteristics, will saturate the atmosphere of the kitchen with appropriate emotional charges.

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